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  1. Jaime Angel Gonella Diaza

    Great piece Teal. Consciousness rises through heroes and victims. Some succumb very early as they can't take the pressure. Others significantly add to universal expansion. Some move small mounds while others move mountains. We each come to do what we came here for. My brother used to tell me: Jaime, seed but don't harvest. It is for the other to harvest when, how and in whatever way he wants. Just keep seeding. Some seeds land on fertile soil, germinate and sprout. As Anita Moorjani says a lot: "My Heart goes out to You Teal". Love you.
  2. Jaime Angel Gonella Diaza

    People that hate you probably don't hate others they otherwise would. You are perhaps their scapegoat. This may all be necessary to shift the path of the world though you may not get to see it in this life. What ultimately counts, though, for the spirit, is the legacy left not whether one was loved or hated. Much love. Jaime
  3. Jaime Angel Gonella Diaza

    I learned that we are born with free will and nothing and no one can take it away from us. I learned that we have to own our decisions. I also learned that we can not live someone else's live. I also learned that there can be no growth without suffering, I also learned that fear is natural but one has to act in the face of fear. We are not without our Ego. Each one finds his/her place in this universe and lives his/her purpose. Communicating emotions authentically is expansive and contagious. Thanks Teal for letting me participate in your inner thoughts and feelings. Was each of us to communicate our true authentic feelings, the world would be a softer place to grow in the direction of oneness. Love you Teal.
  4. Jaime Angel Gonella Diaza

    'Blood and Soil' they cried. Excellent blog uncovering the hidden root causes of "racism" -in every person- and the apparent all is well with USA consciousness that the country attempts to sell around the world disguised into well fabricated: "we stand for democracy, freedom, human rights" but it goes without saying "if you follow me". You are either with me or against me; but even if you were not with me, if you have something I dearly need, then I make it appear as i you are with me.