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  1. dpoisson1009

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 2/2

    Yasmin I was relieved to read such an eloquent response. Thanks
  2. dpoisson1009


    Teal, OMG I would love to know the answer to this question Metaphysically speaking, which emotions were connected to causing this flu? And why were some of you guys a match to the flu? And why was that other one person not a matched with?
  3. dpoisson1009

    What's Cooking?

    Yes please to writing your cookbook. It will be my kitchen staple. ?
  4. dpoisson1009

    A Blessing & A Curse

    I love the fact that likes Blake spoke unprompted from behind the camera. So natural, so authentic, so refreshing. Love me some Blake
  5. dpoisson1009


    Omg omg omg yes please !! publish your cookbook ?
  6. dpoisson1009


    Yes cookbook please and a natural healing modalities book too if you’re taking requests ?
  7. dpoisson1009


    I am speechless about how wonderful this premium content is . Thanks for whoever came up with the idea. And thanks for everyone who took the risk to make it happen. Maybe one day we can hear the story of Winter’s birth. I am incredibly appreciative of all that the Teal team does too. ??
  8. dpoisson1009

    Coffee Time

    Smiled big during the whole clip?
  9. dpoisson1009

    Love Addiction

    I’m so excited to understand love Addiction. The term has always baffled me. I know that it’s a term that is thrown around a lot in recovery but it feels like a lot of guessing by professionals and pseudo professionals backed up by conviction.
  10. The end was so on point when Teal used the boat demonstration. I’m Blown away with all this information!!!!! I’m so greatful. I will use it in my therapy sessions with clients. On second thought ... I really have to start with my own parts work don’t I? Funny I was just about to bypass working on myself by focusing on clients instead. Lol Thanks guys, just su greatful Denise Poisson
  11. dpoisson1009

    Winter Cheer

    I smiled the whole time. Beautiful to watch the relationship between you two. I got to witness this in person at one of the CP training; how happy Winter is, how free he feels to express his joy and how available Teal is as a mom. Teal you are such an authentic and present mom. I don't know about anyone else but it completely raised my frequency. Children show us how easy it can be to connect with our joy.
  12. dpoisson1009

    Living With Teal

    Thanks much love and appreciation for your tesponse?
  13. dpoisson1009

    Living With Teal

    I appreciate Teal’s authentic human side. I love her; I have pure positive focus and appreciation for who she is. I expect nothing from her. Well that’s probably my avoidant attachment talking, LOL.She has already given so much of herself to assist us in our progression. I’m amazed at how much she can keep showing up for the public. I’m very curious about the people that gravitate toward her. I’m not talking about the people who watch her videos, follow her teachings and have premium content access. ( by the way that’s me LOL ) I’m talking about the people who are, well let’s face it, borderline. If she is a match to people with borderline personality disorder can someone please tell me why. I would so love to know this. I’ve actually watched her on stage with some borderlines and thought my God she is so patient and never becomes resentful of them. I know something is going on here energetically. Somebody help me understand this please.
  14. dpoisson1009


    I tend to agree with Erin. In an ideal situation the counseling person would be providing support to the, let's call it offending person, through unconditional positive regard. There is the saying that goes let us love you until you can love yourself. Now how exactly this would happen, what the practical application would look like I'm at a loss here! love and light, Denise Poisson
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