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  1. Kitty C

    Story Time

    Yep, that's the story of 塞翁失馬,焉知非福。
  2. Same, I don't have facebook though... any other ways we can contact each other?
  3. Thanks for that! And wow... what a coincidence... I used to study there :0
  4. Same!! But have they announce where the location is yet?
  5. Hey Teal, Really glad to know that you enjoy most of the time in France right now. To the people in the comments that 'feel disappointed' about her not being 'deep enough.' I honestly don't get it. This is HER blog, she can write whatever she wants. If she wants to write about new awareness/ideas she can do that, if she want to share her traveling experience, I don't see a problem here. And yes, there is a Las Vegas tragedy, and I just know it yesterday. ( I don't live in the U.S.) I don't get why are there be people critical about what she wrote about in HER blog. If you want to express your opinion about the tragedy go do it. Don't put it on somebody else just because you think they should write about it. She is currently in France enjoy herself and prepare to teach. I think it is more reasonable for her to share what she is up to then posting something that she may not even have the time to look deep into it. I get people who lives in the U.S or is around/in any way related or even in the incident may be eager to hear what her point of view is, but it is really unfair for some of you to judge that she doesn't care or for whatever reason just because she has her own life to live. Remember, she doesn't have to, but most of the time she is willing to. Just think about it, do you yourself knows/understands every single tragedy going around the world. As a person who grew up in East Asian and is one of them, I find it quite annoying when anything happened in the western country it sounds like everyone of us needs to care or know about it. And if you don't know about it your ignorant or whatever. (Most of the time people in the western country are the ones that know the less about other parts of the world - which is not always the case, but some.) This got to stop, people can enjoy themselves and care about the world at the same time. She may or may not be writing a blog about the Las Vegas shooting, but it's her choice.
  6. Kitty C


    Hey, I agree everything you said in video, and personally do find this problem since I got on this website. I have to say even when I first attend the workshop in person (London) last year there are also people like that, and as a person who has quite a personalty, I find it even more uncomfortable talking/discussing with people than I'll say arguing/fighting with my classmates, teachers or even my parents. I can't really convince myself that this is the kind of "good not so comfortable conversation," this is more like a boundary violation to me. Do you think it's possible to let the people feel offended to report/message the moderators saying that why and how they feel about certain kind of comments and let the moderators posting responses down to the original post and let the people who wrote the comments know and also explain themselves, it might be miscommunication or something like that, not everyone is native English speaker. Sometimes it really just may be somebody else's triggers or it really could be people trying to offend other people. There's one problem I do find is the moderator have to be sensitive and strong enough to read and decide what they are going to do with person who wrote the comments. As you said, you don't want them to feel cast out but to make it a learning experience, so how the moderators communicate will be extremely crucial. Well, that's my suggestion. Hope this help. :)
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