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  1. The cube was the color of a glass mirror and was dark inside and had a spot where it could open as if magically. The cube was bigger than a house. Mabye the size of 4 houses. The horse was blue with a sattle a fair distance from the cube with a tether tied to the cube. There was no latter but the cube was low enough for somone to climb in if this magic door should happen to open. Whial sand occupied the space underneith the cube and horse all around were millions of flowers red in the middle and white on the outside. As I stood 100 meters back from all of this one of these flowes grew at my feet rite in front of me. The storm was some way back in the distance working its way closer. I felt like i wanted the storm to be much closer. I felt it would offer a release to reconfigure and grow fresh plants and wash the blue from the horse and disolve the teather.
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