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  1. Iwan

    Whatever has happened in your past, was a reflection of what you were at a time. Now, with all your experiences, you are not the same person. Your past helped you to become what you are now, and you have no reason to have a resistance to your past, since you have the freedom to be what you want now, no matter how your past looked like.
  2. Iwan

    I have only Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Lilith and MC in Pisces, so my insight into Pisces is not as strong as yours, but Pisces are by far the most spiritual and feminine sign, always looking beyond material life on Earth.
  3. Iwan

    I've been vegan for 25 years, and have noticed some health problems while I was in a periods of not eating well. Problems such as, low immunity or teeth deterioration or tissue deterioration. But, if a person has access to proper food, I think there are no problems. Now I am 41, and if live to be 65 or more, I'll be competent enough to reflect on the subject.