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  1. Nutella, lasagne, fish cakes, steak and chips (I barely recall enjoying meat!), crispy Chinese duck
  2. My unconscious way of generating safety is holding myself back by telling myself I am not liked/wanted/appreciated so that I don’t take risks and risk rejection
  3. JasmineAmethyst

    Adorable Teal

    I cry at movies and tv shows a lot
  4. I would spend time with refugee kids just playing games and telling them stories and singing songs.
  5. I have a jewel encrusted sword but all I can do all day is butter bread. I can’t tone down the sword and I use any spare moment to slay dragons or polish the sword. I never wanted to butter bread and I’m ridiculously over equipped to do so, and I feel like everyone wishes I was just a butter knife instead
  6. JasmineAmethyst

    Childhood Story

    I was obsessed with Beauty and The Beast. I lived in a small town where people didn’t understand me and thought I was strange. I lived with an abuser and just wanted to make him good. I also grew up poor and really wanted to be rich and live around luxury. I grew up with single parents and wanted a big happy family. I was also obsessed with Doctor Who. David Tennant era. Survivor’s guilt and feeling like you don’t belong and no one understands you and getting a true kinship, only if for a while. Living with loss but not showing it because people don’t understand.
  7. Are you going to talk about Gen Z at all?

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