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  1. Love the good luck card reading YAY!
  2. mitova.anelia

    Taking Requests

    Thank you for that opportunity! 1. I would love to see more content regarding the specific uses of crystals and gemstones, not only related to which chakras they are best used for, but also more on these topics: - what specific ailments are most positively impacted by which specific crystals - are there some crystals that like each other more that like to be used in conjunction with one another, in crystal grids for example and are there some that really dislike being close to each other. - you said that we can rehabilitate crystals by exposing them to certain elements
  3. Crystals and plants mainly
  4. mitova.anelia


    You're so precious, i love your ball gowns!
  5. A lot of my plans crashed again... ecstatic dance events that I was hosting, a new year gathering that I was planning on attending and much more. Now I am looking forward to passing my university exams and visiting my friends who live in another city (same country) in around two weeks from now. And being on the occasional forest hike with my husband and our dog :)
  6. mitova.anelia

    A Closed Door

    I've started foraging mushrooms and other edible delights from nature, mainly forests. I also sometimes ferment my own food and try to cook from scratch as much as possible. I have a bazillion indoor plants, some of which I've grown from small cuttings I get from other people in my city.
  7. mitova.anelia

    3 Things

    Hahaha Teal! I hate cilantro too, happy to hear you are on the same 'cilantro haters' team ? thank you for being the unique being that you are! So much love for you
  8. Thank you for inspiring us, the European tribe! I was honored to be a part of your team and get to learn again from your unique approach and beautiful presence :) Looking forward to your next European trip <3
  9. Hey <3 Just to let you guys know, that the livestream isn't working yet, and it is supposedly 20 minutes after the workshop began!
  10. Thank you so much for clarifying that... not a pleasant answer, but definitely makes lots of sense! I hope more and more CP is what takes me closer to self-awareness!

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