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  1. Hi Teal and team I would like very much to think you would actually read this. First I appreciate you. I love you. Whole team. I love what you do. I am a little insignificant human living on the tip of Africa a place you will never visit. Without that fame thing I would never have found you. I would never have had the opportunity to be exposed to your teachings. As I said I'm insignificant so I have not encountered any of these fame problems. But it feels like you are living in the problems of fame instead of embracing the positives. (I imagine you know this but in your blog there is no balance you only refer the negative and problems without looking at some of the positives) Main stream media love controversy. People thrive on negativity they thrive on people failing especially famous people because it makes them human. You used Angelina and Brad. Imagine an average unawake person looking at their lives. They perceive them to have everything. Money partnership children career success they are beautiful to look at. They aren't fat lonely or poor. I imagine there is an emotion of God I want that life, and realistically I cant have that life so I am going to do everything to destroy that life. And when shit goes wrong everyone rejoices. The media the public they become like vultures on a kill. You have to accept that fame has its negatives and that is it's big positive. So someone who hasn't heard of Teal sees an article on how you encouraged suicide and they think wow what a terrible person. Another person will think ha what's this about and listen to your video. That could save that one person. Instead of resenting the measures you have to put in place because of the fame embrace them because without them your message would not be as strong or as loud. Your haters make your message louder. Protect yourself as best you can. Protect your team as best you can. Most especially protect your little angel. Put measure in place so you feel safe. Allow the haters to hate. Allow the media to say what it will. Allow those to dishonor you. Dont resent it. Do the chores willingly. Embrace the fact that you have reached so many people. I remember reading or listening to the story of the woman who killed herself. At the time I was irritated with the crap people were spewing. When a person dies like that everyone looks for something or someone to blame. You will be in that firing line. When someone thinks that they have support in their blame game they feel vindicated and fueled to make more noise. But that's what it is .. noise. Imagine being a person who has lost someone to suicide. Perhaps those people need more help. They were not enough to keep the person alive. The person killed themselves even though I'm here and love them. They abandoned me. Why did I not see the terrible space they were in. Why did they not speak about it. Why was I not enough to help them. What an invalidation. Imagine being able to find someone to blame how empowering. Sorry I'm preaching. And you know all that I am saying. Sometimes reminding helps. I hope it does. We could talk for hours on the dynamics of everything. (In fact I would love that). Embrace your fame. Dont resent the time spent doing stuff to undo the damage of the haters. Thank them. Their noise makes your message louder. You will need to harden when dealing with people. Keep your circle close. Fame doesn't only bring fake people being human does. Being a person who acts from a space of love brings haters. That is not fame dependant. I have nothing to offer on this without another preachy essay. Which you dont need or want. I have to go to work or I could do this all day. Rambling on. I feel we will meet one day in person. I think that is destined. Embrace your fame. The message is louder than the haters noise. Protect yourself and family to feel safe. Your fame saved me. Your message re suicide is clear. Wait you can always do that. It is always there as a back up plan. I thought it was inspired and I still do. Keep doing what you are lead to do. Little South African who was helped by Teal.
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