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    The world is becoming unsteady. I feel it. This is one of those things, people clinging to old ways of understanding to make sense of new things. The pain is always greatest right before the rebirth, we are in its throes. I know you feel it Teal. We all feel it. The interrogation of our beliefs is important. The question for me all along that has arisen for this is: why does it matter to people so much? Why does it affect anything. If something works, it works, interrogating the validity of it is nonsense because your experience of it validated it. I am sure these claims are baseless, but I implore us all to realise that our infatuation with copyright, with "owning" something is an old understanding. I felt this was an articulate piece of writing and I know there must've been pain and discomfort associated with producing it. Thank you Teal. Your pain in front of us is such a gift to everyone, even if we do not thoroughly understand it yet.