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  1. Awareness was never a feel-good-tool, it is a tool meant to help navigate existing on earth.
  2. Jerry Tyfting

    Weaning Trauma

    Yes...i lack clearer knowing how mom breastfed me as she is bad at communicating subtle details, through completion process journeying i have repeatedly gotten feelings mom never wanted me...or she never wanted to be a mother, her body and breasts basically hating me getting close to feed. When she did however feed is extremely unclear to me but her body was in chronic pain, the breastmilk her body produced has got to been extremely painful for her body deep down, feeding me rejection, hate pain and resentment for needing her body at all.
  3. Jerry Tyfting

    Trauma Filters

    This is somewhat tricky for me to discern as the extreme emotional neglect trauma i grew up fairly common among people. Some have neglect less or worse than me but much of them is their own neglected childhood vs my own, challenging sometimes.
  4. Jerry Tyfting

    Typical Gemini

    Sagittarius sun...and such a sag Passionate, larger than life type of energy, very intelligent, philosophizing about ideas, "an honest asshole" sometimes heh, curiosity!, charismatic in my expressions as well, FREEDOM!, loyal friend when the connection has been established and ongoing for a long time, have an odd/spot on timing energy as well, maybe luck if it is a thing in the universe?
  5. Christopher and Roo resonated the most, Roo especially as that is exactly what have happened with me. Just taking others for their word and having been fooled, tricked and lied to many times over the years. Christophers "forced maturity" came naturally for me as few to nobody provided a mature mindset/mentality. Had to form my own and still am helped me with this Teal, immensely so.
  6. I enjoy this "lose-lose" insight. Then if rarely anyone can be safe then we have got to love the unsafety itself. Love and allow to feel that hurt that might come up as a result of this human condition. Unable to escape it in the long run...then a practice to feel as much of it as possible is in store to hopefully make it a tinsy bit safer than it once was before. To allow the human condition to be felt...that is our practice as sensitive intuitives.
  7. How can you jump on a train you cannot see? its like hearing a faint sound but isnt loud enough to make you point out its direction.
  8. This is actually part of the reason why I prefer being a little more serious. The majority have an over focussedness on happiness and fun to the point of denial. True though that in my case I could use more fun...genuine fun.
  9. This is interesting. There have been many movies that have resonated with me. Disney's The lion king is one of them. Simba was a lot like me. The death of a parent however I have never experienced but I have experienced that sadness trauma of realizing how traumatized I have been, how closed off from connection which is a sort of death. Most of all I resonate a lot with beings who lead in movies...who have power (either it be energy blasts, magic or something else) and have struggled to get to that position. I resonate with a "one of the most powerful" kind of what way I feel u

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