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  1. until

    Tickets are available again and I got one immediately. Thank you, thank you, who ever you are, we love you and remember, if the Universe is sending you left, then by all means go left, I am. Thanks Blake, Love, Ben.
  2. until

    Blake, if you reading this I hope you can shet some light on wat is happening here? I'm trying to buy a ticket but on ebrite it says SALES ENDED. Is this correct? I thought that this was an online event so shoudn't there be plenty of tickets available? You told me in Praque a couple of months ago that online attendance was going down. Could this be becourse onlinetickets were no longer for sale. Could this be related? I hope you wil look into this and let me now what is going on and if it is still possibe to get tickets or hear from anyone else who knows. Thank you, love you, Ben.