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  1. shade

    Obsessed With Cooking

    Please hurry we gotta eat
  2. shade

    Sport Needs

    Love you toooo ?
  3. shade

    Secondary Trauma

    Thank you ??
  4. shade

    Recipe - Teal's Tamales

    Loving spending time with you all ? ? ? Really excited for the cookbook ? when you think about it ? its never been done so consciously before ? So Tealy
  5. Fantastic We love you This is a doozy The best speech ever We are all grateful Teal and Blake and Team ???
  6. shade

    Revenge & Forgiveness

    We love you Thank you for being
  7. shade

    Ski Jump

    wow ,thats awesome
  8. shade

    Online Workshop - January 2019

    Thank you both We love you and appriciate all you share We love you from Australia Blessings
  9. shade

    Dumb Injury

    We love you so much always love from Australia thank you May you be blessed
  10. shade

    Make A Wish!

  11. Thank you Teal we are so very grateful that you made it to Australia. That mirror event was so mind-blowing and the cuddles at the end were a beautiful gift that made that event so incredibly beautiful Its hard to describe You are a miracle to all
  12. shade


    Thank you
  13. Is Teal coming to Brisbane on the Australia tour ??
  14. shade

    Happy Parts :-)

    Love you beautifuls joy to the world <3
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