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  1. karinar

    Yes, I found a momentary solution. It's stop thinking, to stop feeding the "chain of thoughts", I don't know how I did it, just one day I collapsed because the thoughts were increasingly violent to the point of occupying my whole day. I also looked for information about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and that helped me a lot, although I don't have this disorder, if I have a lot of the symptoms of it. But I also accept more help right now. That will help me. I still don't overcome this problem at all. Gracias y perdón por responder tan tarde.
  2. karinar

    Thanks, this video helped me a lot too.
  3. karinar

    no one?
  4. karinar

    they are mental images that appear to me when I close my eyes and I am in a low emotional state. They would be like scenes from a nightmare. For example, the other day I was scared and when I closed my eyes, I saw as a kind of human figure, with a thin black physical complexion with big fangs that approached me to bite my neck. that's just an example, like the symbols. I know these are representations of my internal fears. It is nothing "from another dimension"
  5. karinar

    Some time ago, when I began with meditation and with Akashic records, several people told me: "do that is dangerous, you should protect yourself or something bad could happen to you" on several occasions. Since then I began to feel afraid, very afraid, to the point of not being able to meditate anymore. I want to transmute this with Completion Process, of course that when one begins to meditate, the box of worms opens and can not be closed again (I mean the unconscious and the repressions). And since I am always in contact with my unconscious, my fears are presented to me in mental images during my daily life, without my wanting it. This particular fear comes to me with symbols of a dark meaning, many times in my body. That scare and paralyzes me when I want to meditate or open my akashic records. Here's my question: how can I do my shadow work in this case? I would have to feel the fear and start seeing the images I always see without resistance? I let them hurt me? and then? Thank you. Sorry for my basic English, I hope I was clear despite that, haha.
  6. Y está bueno? Yo hace tiempo que lo quiero leer pero como no tengo tarjeta todavía no lo puedo comprar
  7. karinar

    Hi, Crystal Rob andPastor George. Thank you very much, I just read both answers right now. I must say that they contributed a lot with what they have written to me. It has been a great help
  8. Si, a mi me interesa, por acá no me conecto muy seguido
  9. karinar

    As a girl, at about 6 years of age, I suffered sexual abuse for several years. I spent my whole life doing therapy, with a lot of psychologists, I'm still doing therapy. When I started doing therapy, it was a learning problem, nothing related to sexual abuse. But psychologists have never told me what they knew about my traumas (it's part of psychology), and it never emerged that my learning problems (and many others) were the cause of my abuse, I counted it as something else in my story. Just two years ago I made akashicos records, and that's when my guides told me that the cause of my problems was my abuse, that's how I knew it. Now, my doubt is this, since no psychologist was very helpful, I don't know how to heal the consequences that brought me that abuse, repressed emotions, such as hatred (that's what I realized) shyness, etc. I don't know how to heal those emotions. And I also find it strange that when I talk about this trauma, I feel nothing, I don't distress, I don't cry, unlike other people who have also been sexually abused, I don't understand why that does not happen to me.
  10. karinar

  11. karinar

    Yes, I really feel that I have to face the fear, but it is difficult when you feel that when you face it you are in danger
  12. karinar

    Some time ago I started to get interested in spirituality, I saw many videos of Teal, I started meditating daily, then when my interest grew I looked for other youtubers who talk about the same theme. Unfortunately, I found youtubers who treat the subject spirituality but focused on the negative side, about the low astral, about how they can attack you while you sleep, everything is danger, etc. I saw those videos because I am and I was always very curious, but after seeing them I began to distrust everything and stopped meditating. First of all I would like to tell my origin from fear. It originates from a trauma of when I was a child, in fact it has nothing to do with the spiritual original trauma, which is sexual in fact, but as a girl instead of reacting to trauma with anguish or depression, I reacted with fear, Which was later repressed, until now. It is not a specific fear, but the fear in general to be damaged in some way, whatever it is. What is happening to me recently is that my thoughts are soaring, and I can not take control of them. That is, while doing an ordinary task, as now that I am writing this text, I cross a word or image. (They are almost always words), that is repeated constantly, I can not keep silent, I can not control it, I can be a week with a word in my mind, all those words always generate fear, for example: I cross the word "demon" and then I can not forget it and I'm a whole week with the word in my mind, like a woodpecker drilling my head. And I can not face it, I do not know how to do it, it always comes back when I least expect it. Long ago I made a tarot card Osho Zen, if someone uses these letters could give me a better interpretation, this was what came out: 1-Here and Now: Control 2-Letter of Resistance: Breakthrough 3-Intuition: Silence 4-Response intelligence to emotion: Beyond Illusion 5-Answer: The Avar 6-Relaxation and acceptance: Receptivity. 7-New level: Fatigue
  13. karinar

    Hi, that's not a Citrine, it's an oven-treated Amethyst. The true Citrine is smoky and light yellow: