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    Peak Narcissism

    And I too feel so much love listening to this.... love to you... and I gues what you saw it what we all see, it’s almost you just gave me a permission to see it and feel that it’s ok....coming from you makes it more ok... I feel less “bad” person....
  2. Wendy

    Life Changing

    So beautiful!
  3. Wendy


    I have just finished watching it ,after you spoke about it on the Instagram....still in a state of shock, especially having a 16 year old son, who is extremely sensitive and under enormous pressure of “sexual” high school life. So grateful that you have mentioned this documentary...
  4. Wendy

    Frozen in Time

    I need this so much. I started crying the moment I heard the first two sentences. A few days ago in the inner child meditation I have found a part of me - my inner child -7-8 year old - dead, frozen.....
  5. Yes, that’s true. But as a codependent myself , I watched, and I felt pain of like someone did not recognize my pain. To be bad? I feel bad from the childbirth, and then I hear - accept that you are bad... well I am already feeling that deep inside... but it felt like - there is nothing wrong with you concept - was more - there is something wrong with you - because you are codependent. Well , that’s the first time , I felt the pain of my own trauma so much that I felt resistance to the teal’s words.... and your realization- how messed up you are in your head....
  6. Blake’s energy has changed so much - so much more present, stronger,open... like wow...
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