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  1. I do want to mention one thing: all of us who automatically associated Teal’s comment on “super ugly women” with Graciela just passed the implicit attitude test showing that we thought Gracie was super ugly.
  2. Thank you! I think I agree with most of your opinions. However, specifically, two issues I think need clarification. 1. You are right in that I was arguing myself to get out of human relationships. A part of me completely agree with the necessity of human relationships, yet a part of me wonder if health can be maintained through connection with nature, animals, God, etc. It would be great if she could specifically explain why human relationships in particular were indispensable instead of changing the definition of relationships to the most encompassing & fundamental sense. My wish is a change of emphasis to the content of the videos you recommended, instead of forceful attempt towards rational conviction of the statement "relationships are everything" when she could not even define relationships consistently. 2. Regarding your question "why are you trying to have an "academic" discussion with teal swan", I sense a negative emotional response to my defense of being "academic", which leads to an another interesting question of the necessity to mention these "academic theories". To begin with, I share the emotional response you have towards myself. I was and still am quite embarrassed by that defense. But the embarrassing and awkward mentioning of "academic theories" actually points to an objective fact: lack of communication between psychologists and spiritual teachers who are working on the exact same phenomena of human consciousness. It would be great if our spiritual teachers can have more structure in their thinking and our psychology theorists can be more in touch with actual human sufferings. I recognize that I have put myself in a very vulnerable position by identifying myself. May this conversation be of value to observant people. Best, Quinn
  3. I am the last girl in the video. Here are some points that I never expressed at the workshop because I did not pay to have arguments, yet they remain important if rational conviction is her approach to enlightening people. 1. What I am experiencing is the conflict between relatedness/relationships and autonomy/freedom or competency/life purpose/mission. As I said all three needs are fundamental and we cannot trump one over the others. Thus the essence of my problem is "need conflict" which cannot be resolved by devaluing freedom or life contribution (i.e., "relationships are the number one human need"). Exactly "how" we could have freedom & be authentic to life purpose while maintaining relationships & with whom was the question that should have been focused on. 2. By changing the definition of relationships from relationships with human beings to relationships with "everything", she defeated her own suggestion for me to not bypass human relationships. If relationships are general, any specific type should suffice (which I do not believe is true--human relationships are uniquely important. The previous statements were about my problem with her reasoning that was really confusing). 3. Using herself as an example to say human relationships were all that mattered was not completely persuasive: her experiences not only instilled in her fear of relationships but also an actual dependency on people (e.g., not being able to take care of her own life) that served as an extrinsic motive for relationships. I felt and understood her intention to help me. Yet by shoving the statement "relationships are everything" down my throat instead of telling me exactly how to resolve the conflict between relationships & freedom/competency with all these loopholes in her reasoning, I felt the "warning" was more of a threat than an advice, which felt coersive. There is a fine line between eloquence and sophism. Thank you, Quinn
  4. Oh, what Teal said about her "superior" beauty triggered me so deep that its not even funny.
  5. Dear Teal, You should write a book about your approach to education (not only in general but education for children with spiritual talents in particular). The book would be invaluable to parents, educators and developmental psychologists. Thank you so much, quinn
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