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  1. I loved the girl who were on stage at the end. She needed that so much. I dont feel like she was forcing herself up there,i belive she was ment to be there. If we think about law attraction, then maby she was the part of the collective consciousness of the group in the audience and in the world that needed that presence and guidance from Teal the most that day. Teal seems like a great person. She truly sees and understand people.
  2. Katja Steinhaugen


    I can so relate to this! This is me all day long, but i feel so imberresed of how i act. Its like there is no peace inside and hard to feel safe. Like you are starving to death, and are so desperat . And i began to belive that in to mee see was all about sex, i know it sounds stupid and grose, but i guess i want that closeness or love, and as i child i thought that was to be together with someone like being married, but i dont like that way of being together. I dont know how to have bonderies either so its difficult to be with other people. A part of me dont like people either. But i need people and i love them so much sometimes. Also I find it difficult to work because i dont know how to be around people, but i am really smart also but i dont allow myself to use that in a good way. I guess people with bpd are very sensitive, maby that could be a good thing. Haha when i read this post its so ambivalent
  3. Katja Steinhaugen


    Thank you <3 A romatic/intimate relationship is what i am most afraid of and long the most for i think. But in january i am going to therapy and looking forward to that. I guess to accept who I am is hard but very important
  4. Katja Steinhaugen


    So what do you do if you have like 9 splits and they all are in ear with eachother? Were can a person start to work with that or how?
  5. How can we strenghten the self that is looking at the aspects in conflict?
  6. Do you need more people in the gardening team?
  7. What does Teal ask the girl around 10:20 min in the video? Something like: so your scared to death you will like your self? or was it scared to death you will lie to yourself? I cant hear it.... At first when i watched this video i did notice that i thought the girl was very out of balance.. I dident like her.. but after a while i could see why, because she reminded me very much of myself.. a part of me that keep playing roles all the time.. its not easy to know who you are and its not easy to control it after a while. Creds to Teal for holding space for her and creds to the girl for being so brave.
  8. Katja Steinhaugen


    Thank you for your answer @Crystal Rob ?. I found the make up video, but I cant find any information about her hair rutines.@Graciela do you knowhow what type/brand of shampo, conditioner and hair mask teal use?
  9. Katja Steinhaugen


    I have two questions ,but im not shure were to ask them. So I will try to post them here. Im wondering what kind of shampoo, conditioner and hair mask and hair rutine Teal has? Because i really wish to have beautiful hair again but Its hard to find good products that is natural. And secent question is about mouthwash hygiene and teeths. What kind of too taste is good to use, and floss, and what do teal recommend you have healthy and white teeths?
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