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    Gaslighting and Doom

    Oh god thought it was just me. I feel so guilty & annoyed for feeling this way. I know that doesn’t help but it is what I’m feeling.
  2. What exactly is “dropping the ball”? Can someone give an example please
  3. I'm Irish, and I living beside the Atlantic in Clare. I both laughed and cried at this blog it's truth hitting my soul. The the vortex s in new Grange & and the Selkie. The you will love Clare! It is a magnet to me, and a magical place. You are welcome anytime to sanctuary in my home, but I where I you can have space (except for my dog he will definitely not give you space but he will stuck to you like a guardian). Thank you for this wonderful blog & and workshop. It is indigenous here with a shroud of the new religion over it but only like a thin veil the connection to her (Ireland th

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