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  1. Luis Jesús

    Money Issues

    Is the universe sending this? I don't get it...
  2. "The capacity to cover over pain with addictions is waning."
  3. Luis Jesús

    Nourish Yourself

    I kinda hate the earth.
  4. Luis Jesús

    Don't Run Away!

    Tapping?! Does she refer to EFT? 0:35
  5. Luis Jesús


    Thank you so much dear Raederle for your answer. It is very clarifying, because, although I already saw Teal's video on horror films and even know Teal's opinion about the meat industry, veganism, and nutrition, I could not draw the connection between watching horror movies, "ingesting" the dark vibrations exposed and causing so much illness in the body to the degree it would be even worse than consuming abused cattle and poultry. Kinda spooky theme to discuss though. Forgive me! I'm not always asking these wierd things! Thanks again.
  6. Luis Jesús


    I don't understand the part of human meat. Is human meat poisonous or bad? We're made of human mean aren't we?
  7. Luis Jesús


    A blog on this new frequency painting would be awesome!!
  8. Lol mexicano aquí también!!
  9. Lol the mexican music in the noiseground.
  10. Lol the mexican music in the noiseground.
  11. What does she refers to when she says "my yellows, reds and oranges"?
  12. Luis Jesús


    Small talk gives me anxiety.
  13. Luis Jesús


    I want a blog about the eclipse please!
  14. If source is isolation why do we desire connection? Is there a universe where isolation is desired?
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