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  1. Luna Tzu-Ching Ni

    Best Synchronisation workshop I've had so far! The direction my life has shifted into makes total sense now! An positive aspect of this approaching fire: people who are aware of this will be more united and forming stronger connections to ensure each other's safety and survival.
  2. Luna Tzu-Ching Ni

    Developmental trauma and repressed emotions in childhood are the same thing, and the fractured personalities are the result of the trauma.
  3. Luna Tzu-Ching Ni

    Yes! They are small but powerful. How do you use them in your practice and day-to-day life? I bring them with me when I go outside of my home and hold them while meditating. You can learn more from this article:
  4. Luna Tzu-Ching Ni

    I have 2 Cintamani stones! Synchronicity!