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  1. I hope someone on Teal's team reads this. Teal needs a PR person very badly. Teal also needs a legal team. Teal can't write posts like this naming people by full name and not expect repercussions. Does Teal understand what Slander is? Some stuff is cringeworthy and doesn't do much for gaining more fans. Gossiping is one example. (Btw Cameron lived with Teal a year after the Leslie incident.) Good PR is important when one is a "public figure". Teal needs good PR to clean up the bad publicity. A legal team could also go a long way.
  2. This couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you for the reminder and for helping me put things into perspective.
  3. Immigration is a reminder of our white privilege. We can't just go around as we please just because we are from the states. Leija Turunen had a similar experience trying to enter the States and was denied entry.
  4. You are very correct in your post. However, if you follow Teal closely and read between the lines, she is not a liberal Democrat. She calls all of the left's PC Bullshit out just as she did in her epic YouTube video about political correctness. In this particular blog, she had to be very careful about the words she chooses because most of her followers belong to the alt-left and sympathize with Antifa. They are actually unconscious, as are the people who down voted your comment. Teal is not a stupid woman. However, she needs to watch her words very carefully before the liberal media
  5. Are you and Ale going to divorce?
  6. Wow. Very powerful blog and I agree with every aspect. Thank you for this. I think everyone should read this blog.
  8. Wait are you seriously suggesting she commit adultery as a way of dealing with the haters?
  9. The spirit world is not liberal nor is it conservative. It does not care about politics, which is a worldly topic. BLM and White guilt do not align with spirituality. It is a form of self censor, which you describe in your fantastic video about political correctness
  10. YES, YES, YES, YES and YES! And to all the people who "thumbed me down" when I wrote in another comment that Hillary is not the chosen one because she represents the old, there you have it....! Beginning of the end of the establishment. I welcome change. I am not afraid. I will work on focusing on what I want and how to be free from the rat cage.
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