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  1. Saw this today, written by a black woman: "There is NO reason whatsoever to fight "White Supremacy" in fact it is stupid. White Supremacy is dying and nothing or no one can stop the demise.. There is a LOT of "angst" and understandably so because humanity is 'shifting" at an accelerated speed. What you fight you attract. Talking about racism,attracts racism.. Talking about White Supremacy attracts more.. IF folks had stayed home on Saturday there would have been NO counter protest and no one would be dead. It would've been insignificant, and not relevant. WE created significance, relevance and tragic loss of life and injury it is insane to "fight" the darkness...turn on the "light" What happened Saturday was avoidable. What can we learn from it? What can we do differently? Blaming White People gives them power they no longer have and serves to diminish your own power. Healing must start with ourselves. I know this for sure... Asking someone else to heal when we are not willing to heal ourselves is hypocrisy and scapegoating.. WE are One nation. We ALL are responsible and accountable. RISE and LEAD with an open heart and compassion... Namaste"
  2. I am who I am is what I hear you saying
  3. Teal you are like the Donald Trump of the spiritual community. ;-) The haters can't stop you. Edit: To put it more gently, what he is to contemporary mainstream politicians you are to contemporary mainstream spiritual teachers. (And he too was in the hospitality business. Sorry can't help it. :)
  4. I tend to agree with on many things Teal but: I watched on youtube her workshop segment on the Trump question, and she said we elected a racist asshole. Asshole Trump may be, but racist he isn't. Deep down you know this. It was a narrative invented by the Clinton-friendly media, drawing from the fact that some of his supporters are racist. If Trump is not a racist, then Teal is wrong in her understanding of the Trump phenomenon, and this makes me question Teal's entire prediction of the forest fire.
  5. "If you are really honest with yourself, you know in your heart where this is heading already. You don’t need me to come right out and say it." I read this as some sort of Nazi Germany equivalent coming up. I think it's wrong. I believe it comes from the same place of "knowing" what will happen that also "knew" Hillary would win. Let me offer something else instead: Trump represents more of a aggressive masculine energy than other leaders in recent time in the US. This kind of aggressive masculine is responsible for a lot of evil in human history, but also even more good. Obama didn't have it and failed in many of his endeavors. It is an essential part of human society but it has been shunned for quite some time. Now it's back, it feels uncomfortable, and it misguides us to predictions of Hillary victory and, I believe, of Trump doom. This is an essential energy that needs to be cultivated and used for good, by both men and women. Putin has that energy and he has saved Russia from chaos and destruction. Putin is a dictator but the US political system prevents dictatorships. So I think it's just as likely that Trump will lead the country to its more traditional roots and overall more peacefulness, inside and outside, than we've had in the last couple of decades.
  6. Thank you for being open about this Teal. I too have felt and said that Trump would win since Spring. The initial feeling was exactly like the time has come as you describe. Based on that feeling that Trump will win I developed the feeling that he "should" win. I saw him as moved by life and by love for his country while Hillary I saw as moved by ideas. Hillary's mind seemed trapped while Trump seemed not locked in concepts. On the morning of Nov 8 I looked Hillary in the eyes in her face-to-face final video, saw how uncomfortable she was and thought she can't possibly win. I also thought it was no coincidence that exactly those two people were running for President, it was a cosmic play that had to take place and end in the way it did. When I watched your video about the future I thought that the feeling he would win was probably true since mass consciousness doesn't change easily as you said. While they were both flawed as candidates, I saw Hillary as too afraid of death and Trump too attached to life. Neither is trustable but I preferred the later. Don't know what I'm trying to say other than I'm not afraid, and I had felt a cold dread thinking that Hillary might win even if I didn't believe so, that it would have been very wrong for reasons I didn't understand. So I guess what I want to say is thank you.
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