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  1. i want teal's ratatouille recipe!
  2. Lyfty Sirena


    teal i have to confess that lately ive become a bit obsessive with watching like crime tv shows and i am not sure what to make of it. im also awake to the fact that after watching this video of yours the little girl part of me that wants to please and feel acceptance from you because i respect you so much and love you as a spiritual teacher feels like there is something wrong of me for enjoying watching something that you equate to eating human flesh. idk- IS there something "wrong" with me? what am i getting out of this? idk why. i dislike violence i often won't even leave the house bc ppl scare me but obviously part of me really craves it? who am i and what does this mean to me and about me?
  3. Lyfty Sirena


    i love that you are making this painting right now teal! i love that you are representing this part of the path right now for the human collective and giving us all practical tips and tools. they delight my soul! thank you for also your honesty and deep integrity with your authenticity movement. thank you for showing us how we can all take action steps in this. i hope that in some way my decisions and life can somehow give back to you and provide some healing and support for you. much love!
  4. Lyfty Sirena

    Heaven On Earth

    how do horses feel about being ridden by humans teal???
  5. wow i cant wait to visit yur retreat center one day! im ready!
  6. my gratitude to all the brave beings who got up on stage to illuminate the shadow selves in us viewers that desire awakening at this time. i feel when i watch these videos an elucidation coming to my physical body, to my breath, to my eyes, a connection to others that is new for me. i am getting over feeling isolated. i am seeing others be authhentic and its something i have been praying for. i always knew in my heart that other ppl are troubled even more than i am but i am actually lucky because mine is more at the surface whereas other ppl it is so subconscious that they are not even aware something is wrong. it looks like i am wrong bc i am crying and "not coping" but the truth is that my "falling apart" is my gift because it shhows i am moving towards what is true for me whereas for many others are not even close to acknowledging that there is so much more to possibility than meets the eye. whoever said unicorns do not carry blood on the points of their horns has not seen a real unicorn.
  7. i would love to one day hear "The Blake Story"- who is this person who came to find a Teal Swan in his bathtub one day and now helps so many of us around the world?
  8. Lyfty Sirena


    is it millet with celery and olives???
  9. it sounds like there must be something illegal that they are doing sabotage or defamation of character or something along those lines- i hope you have hired a lawyer a whole legal team. this is not okay
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