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  1. Yani

    Reason For Tragic Events

    Thank you for sharing this. ? Hi Kittie! Just curious, what is it you do?
  2. Yani


    Winter is so cute!
  3. Yani

    Teal's Split

    Thank you, Teal!
  4. I agree. I'm confused because I thought fantasizing about something for relief was healthy because now you've released some resistance and have moved up the emotional scale - like Step 11 in the Completion Process. Please help us to understand better. And also, I think we all knew Blake was joking at the beginning
  5. Yani

    Help The Homeless

    To the one person who laughed at this...wtf? Seriously, why are you even here and following a spiritual teacher if you're going to laugh at homelessness.
  6. Yani

    The Catalyst

    Even after watching this I STILL think it would be awesome to have a friendship with Teal, because clarity is what I crave! Living in the world sucks because hardly anyone is authentic. I'm not extrasensory or anything but it's still really easy to see when people are putting up a front, and I've been able to see this even back when I was a kid. It sucks...because you're always walking on eggshells with people and I never feel like I can really be myself (something I'm working on by the way - Thanks Teal!) I would love for Teal to show me what I do and don't know - even if it's tough - because right now I'm just starved for honesty in the world and some authenticity. Peace, friends!
  7. Yani

    New Year Photoshoot

    ...Why not just do an indoor photoshoot? Just sayin'
  8. This makes me feel sooooo much better! This makes me feel empowered! Which is a feeling I was deprived of growing up!
  9. Yani

    Exaggerated Shadows

    Oh...so, I've always had an issue with self-esteem and self-doubt. Is this why it seems harder now to sooth myself when I'm feeling particularly bad? Or why it seems more difficult to focus on myself positively? Thanks!
  10. Beautiful, Teal! As a side note - although he is very raw, I really like what Cult of Dusty on Youtube has to say about race relations. I haven't seen all of his videos, but what I have seen I like. I think he's fair; as a Black person myself, he has helped me swallow some bitter pills about the Black community and how they shoulder some of the blame. Yes, it's true, we all need to look deep within ourselves and face the truth of what is there.
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