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  1. Afrah

    Teal's Pet Peeves

    She is human!!!! Finally we know :)
  2. In the Arab world it is considered very offensive to have your shoes plantar aspect in the face of someone. My subconscious couldn’t help but feel offended about those ladies boots facing me and the audience. Just saying ... remarkable how small differences mean so much to different people and this is NOT a religious thing at all!
  3. My shame figure was a lime green Telly Tubby who seemed happy but insecure the neutral room was a relaxing light beige and before i asked to see the shame figure the cutest pink elephant appeared and gave me a hug LOL
  4. Afrah

    Arenal, Costa Rica

    Thank you for sharing ?
  5. I am For, love you Teal and good luck dear
  6. Afrah

    Costa Rica

    I like you Teal but i couldn't get through the first few sentences without having to stop after feeling so God damn triggered. I am an educated woman from the Middle East i make my own living but i am not free to travel and i am 40! I have been dreaming of travelling since my late teens. It is difficult in a conservative family like mine to travel without a male companion and it's breaking my heart that i need to get married just to do the things i want.
  7. There used to be a time when i used to have the same fantasy but with a different twist. Become invisible and follow interesting people around ? Thank you Teal now i WANT to go to Canada for sure ?

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