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  1. Breeze

    Dreaming About Candy

    Wait!!!whaaaaat!!?? RAZZLES????!!! i even said it OUTLOAD today! (However add 3 degrees of separation.... it still ended up w/ the candies) which brings me to TSR ( Time/Space Reality)....I’ve got 20 years on ya Teal, how do you even KNOW of “RAZZLES “?!? ( speaking from an ? based perspective of course :] ?&?, stace
  2. Breeze

    Bulldozing Resistance

    WooooWhooooo ! thank you Teal for allowing the authentic display of your “emotion” i i i e the frustration/ exasperation/ perspiration!( as in having to “sweat” WITH the small stuff -in order to be “in part “ of the “productive “ ( entropic producers?) OF the “being “ busy! From where I sit ( which btw is no longer “the cheap seats” view ? ), your demonstrative navigation is not only beneficial, but necessary! Especially for those of us who admittedly LIKE ( myself) , to use alternative MAPS/guides. & “other” mode of Transportative methods (because we DO n’joy THE RIDE!) (g8 swinger? ? ( admittedly , the above aforementioned can become a vehicle not unlike a carousel ( round/round ...up down/ up down !! ) when we don’t look beyond the circulatory “by product”...OF the mechanical nature. By not doing so, we there by ARE losing “sight” of our vision + destination =DESIRE. I SAID ARE NOT AR.( what’s another “ application” in “description “ for AUGMENTATION/AUGMENTED? Plastic / Cosmetic SURGERY! Sometimes the biggest tool in the shed is only good for the digging up of dirt/earth / whatever ...and then the RE-covery of said space /hole /whatever....’not that there is anything UNcorrect by this expedient method ... however THAT is a by product in and OF itself! We aren’t here to become the trapped! It USE to NEVER cease to AMAZE me how many nouns ( persons,places& things) would get trapped by the same trap they were avoiding... ...( yeah yeah LOA=Law of Attraction. LOL. ( Living out. Loud.) Now at least I am able to delineate , or divide more like it, the coyotes from the road runners. yes I know a cartoon is s cartoon is a cartoon.... however the difference IS the INTELLIGENCE behind the material and the integrity of the intention ! ANYbody can pander to kids to get the “hook”....look at RJ REYNOLDS . Carl Karcher & Ronald McDonald . Show me a “star” that doesn’t require a PR marketing team and a GOOD press agent & I will counter that by showing you all that is CELESTIAL. star does NOT mean celebrity. When the learning stops .,.the teacher dies. Do we ( or should I say HAVE “WE”) EVER learned from the past/ history? Its TIME. The veils no longer exist BECAUSE they aren’t REQUIRED! that’s right girls and longer will there be a height requirement to get your E ticket ride! IF you have to ask or look up or act as if you know what E ticket is...then you probably don’t remember, (because you weren’t alive/born yet (haha) ...the vibe of being on the precipice of TOMORROW LAND! (side note those of you in LIVING on California’s Central Coast ( as am I) ask me about SOLID WAVE SK8 PARK...) in closing, also referred to as “landing this plane”.... ...I want to go back to the Coyote/RoadRunner know what kept them “ in play “ ...? ACME. draw your own conclusion.... ( haha there’s my one and only “plug” for the SS are welcome) Teal, I know you ARE out there... ....that in and off itself is WHY I love you and will continue “seeking”! ( you saaaaaid never to stoooooop:) & because you and Blake are relatable ( so are Lynn & Grasi) oh yeah and because I too,am out there! & yes....relatable also. how can I make that as a claim for myself.... ...the trapped BECAME the trap. living n’joy ah votre San’te! ?,stace PS ; ( did one of us get FreedomFarms yet?) i call dibs! P.s.s. Crews logue/ Star Date 8-8-2018
  3. Teal & Team.....are y’all doing an online workshop this month?
  4. Breeze

    Baby Bird

    YepYep my “nestor “ experience was 6-8 weeks ago! all went very well! ( even with my Marley ? very near!) thanks Teal & Grasi! ?, stace
  5. Breeze

    Expecting Rain

    Guess what color my umbrella is.....? ! ? ! ( no really....GUESS! ) thazzzzzz riiiiiight boys n girls! You are CORRECT! it’s TEAL! ??, stace
  6. Breeze

    Channeling VS Acting

    ( in regards to the above comment) Thank you so much Pastor George! You (very elequently and with concision ) , “ took the words right out of my mouth”! ?&?, stace
  7. Breeze

    A Blessing & A Curse

    Thank you! thank you ! A GAZILLION TIMES Mahalo nui loa T & B! (as IS all ways your t?ming is ?? perfect!!!) ??, stace
  8. Breeze

    Teal's Phobias

    Why is it that I FEEL I know WHY the whale fear exists !?! have you ever publicly spoke of it!? ??, stace
  9. Breeze


    Teal : ” it doesn’t matter in this day & age whether you are a Spiritual Teacher, a model or a pop star....”. “ media is everything .....” stace (breeze): ??? saddened sickend shocked ? broken hearted <3?love, stace
  10. Breeze

    Spiritual Experience

    I’m pretty sure, at least from my perspective here on “the fringe” , that I mirror Teal as the “domestic “ version of Teal! In my last 3 years of following her & her teachings, THIS has become inordinately CLEAR! The sights, sounds, responses, musing, mishaps ,& even some of malingerings she “places” witness too and with, are also mine.....! (however I’m “usually” aligning with them 23min to 26 hours BEFORE she....@ least by way of the “ clock in theMatrix”) of course when I say “domestic ( version ) of Teal”, this means without the trains, planes & automobiles that get her & her team to and fro within the exotic and community mindfully planned back drops she resides in. oh and nor do I have a Team either....not one that is VISIBLY PRESENT ! Within the aspect of understanding and accepting of this mirror of sorts , I have mostly gleaned GRATITUDE in understanding the CONTRAST of DIVINITY! While Teal gets her YaYas from Shadow, mine comes from getting a healthy tan! ? you guys! see y’all in September! stace
  11. Breeze


    .....side note to the above questions.... ..: I feel I have been channeling MYSELF , however in ANOTHER Time/Space Reality. Is this still channeling? Or am I experiencing ME as I relate to a Parallel/MultiVerse? ( both possibly?) im very confused . this phenom happens to me frequently. Any help here? ? & ?, stace
  12. Breeze


    “Why do they die? Is it because they receive the reality that is a match to the person they are channeling and the "hardest role" is the one who is a match to death? Or is it because they are channeling someone who doesn't exist or is dead so they die too? “ Yeah! Great questions! why ? why ? why ?
  13. Breeze

    Bad Day

    Yeah....”new consciousness “. Indeed. Not sure if your serendipitous veneer is as such to Winter , Teal. Hopefully he can/is imagining conceptual as I did when I watched this clipp “” how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop...? one. two. three. ( wise owl in a graduation cap cracks down hard) THREE.
  14. Breeze


    y’all got THAT right! sometimes it’s “nachos”.... ....IT’S MINE!!!! aaaaaaaahahahaha you guys BIG! stace
  15. Breeze

    Hummingbird Rescue

    Yeah Grasi wtf happened to the little friend!?!? curiously, in another continent ( here at my home in SLO,CA) I was rescuing and nurturing a small dove fledgling that was born out back in my orange tree. the “twin “ however didn’t make it due to nature’s “ savaging “ via a blue jay and crow. altho extremely traumatic to witness, I thank all that IS that allows me to be in experience with IT. please tell us how your experience was ..... <3, stace

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