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  1. Wait!!!whaaaaat!!?? RAZZLES????!!! i even said it OUTLOAD today! (However add 3 degrees of separation.... it still ended up w/ the candies) which brings me to TSR ( Time/Space Reality)....I’ve got 20 years on ya Teal, how do you even KNOW of “RAZZLES “?!? ( speaking from an ? based perspective of course :] ?&?, stace
  2. Breeze

    How To Be Productive

    Wait!!!whaaaaat!!?? RAZZLES????!!! i even said it OUTLOAD today! (However add 3 degrees of separation.... it still ended up w/ the candies) which brings me to TSR ( Time/Space Reality)....I’ve got 20 years on ya Teal, how do you even KNOW of “RAZZLES “?!? ( speaking from an ? based perspective of course :] ?&?, stace
  3. Breeze

    Bulldozing Resistance

    WooooWhooooo ! thank you Teal for allowing the authentic display of your “emotion” i i i e the frustration/ exasperation/ perspiration!( as in having to “sweat” WITH the small stuff -in order to be “in part “ of the “productive “ ( entropic producers?) OF the “being “ busy! From where I sit ( which btw is no longer “the cheap seats” view ? ), your demonstrative navigation is not only beneficial, but necessary! Especially for those of us who admittedly LIKE ( myself) , to use alternative MAPS/guides. & “other” mode of Transportative methods (because we DO n’joy THE RIDE!) (g8 swinger? ? ( admittedly , the above aforementioned can become a vehicle not unlike a carousel ( round/round ...up down/ up down !! ) when we don’t look beyond the circulatory “by product”...OF the mechanical nature. By not doing so, we there by ARE losing “sight” of our vision + destination =DESIRE. I SAID ARE NOT AR.( what’s another “ application” in “description “ for AUGMENTATION/AUGMENTED? Plastic / Cosmetic SURGERY! Sometimes the biggest tool in the shed is only good for the digging up of dirt/earth / whatever ...and then the RE-covery of said space /hole /whatever....’not that there is anything UNcorrect by this expedient method ... however THAT is a by product in and OF itself! We aren’t here to become the trapped! It USE to NEVER cease to AMAZE me how many nouns ( persons,places& things) would get trapped by the same trap they were avoiding... ...( yeah yeah LOA=Law of Attraction. LOL. ( Living out. Loud.) Now at least I am able to delineate , or divide more like it, the coyotes from the road runners. yes I know a cartoon is s cartoon is a cartoon.... however the difference IS the INTELLIGENCE behind the material and the integrity of the intention ! ANYbody can pander to kids to get the “hook”....look at RJ REYNOLDS . Carl Karcher & Ronald McDonald . Show me a “star” that doesn’t require a PR marketing team and a GOOD press agent & I will counter that by showing you all that is CELESTIAL. star does NOT mean celebrity. When the learning stops .,.the teacher dies. Do we ( or should I say HAVE “WE”) EVER learned from the past/ history? Its TIME. The veils no longer exist BECAUSE they aren’t REQUIRED! that’s right girls and longer will there be a height requirement to get your E ticket ride! IF you have to ask or look up or act as if you know what E ticket is...then you probably don’t remember, (because you weren’t alive/born yet (haha) ...the vibe of being on the precipice of TOMORROW LAND! (side note those of you in LIVING on California’s Central Coast ( as am I) ask me about SOLID WAVE SK8 PARK...) in closing, also referred to as “landing this plane”.... ...I want to go back to the Coyote/RoadRunner know what kept them “ in play “ ...? ACME. draw your own conclusion.... ( haha there’s my one and only “plug” for the SS are welcome) Teal, I know you ARE out there... ....that in and off itself is WHY I love you and will continue “seeking”! ( you saaaaaid never to stoooooop:) & because you and Blake are relatable ( so are Lynn & Grasi) oh yeah and because I too,am out there! & yes....relatable also. how can I make that as a claim for myself.... ...the trapped BECAME the trap. living n’joy ah votre San’te! ?,stace PS ; ( did one of us get FreedomFarms yet?) i call dibs! P.s.s. Crews logue/ Star Date 8-8-2018
  4. Teal & Team.....are y’all doing an online workshop this month?
  5. Breeze

    Baby Bird

    YepYep my “nestor “ experience was 6-8 weeks ago! all went very well! ( even with my Marley ? very near!) thanks Teal & Grasi! ?, stace
  6. Breeze

    Expecting Rain

    Guess what color my umbrella is.....? ! ? ! ( no really....GUESS! ) thazzzzzz riiiiiight boys n girls! You are CORRECT! it’s TEAL! ??, stace
  7. Breeze

    Channeling VS Acting

    ( in regards to the above comment) Thank you so much Pastor George! You (very elequently and with concision ) , “ took the words right out of my mouth”! ?&?, stace
  8. Breeze

    A Blessing & A Curse

    Thank you! thank you ! A GAZILLION TIMES Mahalo nui loa T & B! (as IS all ways your t?ming is ?? perfect!!!) ??, stace
  9. Breeze

    Teal's Phobias

    Why is it that I FEEL I know WHY the whale fear exists !?! have you ever publicly spoke of it!? ??, stace
  10. Breeze


    Teal : ” it doesn’t matter in this day & age whether you are a Spiritual Teacher, a model or a pop star....”. “ media is everything .....” stace (breeze): ??? saddened sickend shocked ? broken hearted <3?love, stace
  11. Breeze

    Spiritual Experience

    I’m pretty sure, at least from my perspective here on “the fringe” , that I mirror Teal as the “domestic “ version of Teal! In my last 3 years of following her & her teachings, THIS has become inordinately CLEAR! The sights, sounds, responses, musing, mishaps ,& even some of malingerings she “places” witness too and with, are also mine.....! (however I’m “usually” aligning with them 23min to 26 hours BEFORE she....@ least by way of the “ clock in theMatrix”) of course when I say “domestic ( version ) of Teal”, this means without the trains, planes & automobiles that get her & her team to and fro within the exotic and community mindfully planned back drops she resides in. oh and nor do I have a Team either....not one that is VISIBLY PRESENT ! Within the aspect of understanding and accepting of this mirror of sorts , I have mostly gleaned GRATITUDE in understanding the CONTRAST of DIVINITY! While Teal gets her YaYas from Shadow, mine comes from getting a healthy tan! ? you guys! see y’all in September! stace
  12. Breeze


    .....side note to the above questions.... ..: I feel I have been channeling MYSELF , however in ANOTHER Time/Space Reality. Is this still channeling? Or am I experiencing ME as I relate to a Parallel/MultiVerse? ( both possibly?) im very confused . this phenom happens to me frequently. Any help here? ? & ?, stace
  13. Breeze


    “Why do they die? Is it because they receive the reality that is a match to the person they are channeling and the "hardest role" is the one who is a match to death? Or is it because they are channeling someone who doesn't exist or is dead so they die too? “ Yeah! Great questions! why ? why ? why ?
  14. Breeze

    Bad Day

    Yeah....”new consciousness “. Indeed. Not sure if your serendipitous veneer is as such to Winter , Teal. Hopefully he can/is imagining conceptual as I did when I watched this clipp “” how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop...? one. two. three. ( wise owl in a graduation cap cracks down hard) THREE.
  15. Breeze


    y’all got THAT right! sometimes it’s “nachos”.... ....IT’S MINE!!!! aaaaaaaahahahaha you guys BIG! stace
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