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  1. What's your prediction of how this pandemic, vaccination mandates and all the controversy around Covid-19 will end up?
  2. I guess each one of us has a particular aspect or trait that is more developed but because the neighbor's lawn is always greener we tend to envy others for the traits they have. You do tend to come across as a super person, a savior and is that because you tend to present yourself as omnipotent, omniscient? or is it simply that listeners project on what you say what you call our overlay of you?, or both?. The fact that you frequently mention your out of body travels further ferments the overlays people may have of you. One may be lead to believe that you become pure consciousness and as such capable of manifesting anything you want. On another theme, I'm happy that in this video there was the capacity to use CC and have the simultaneous script of what you were saying. It is true that not rarely the audio in your videos is not the best but it is also true that you speak very fast and tend to use street language not always easy to follow for non native speakers. Thanks.
  3. Thank you Teal, the audio was really excellent and I was able to follow what you were saying without stress. I guess it would be helpful if you always registered your videos with the right sound equipment and tried not to rush into your speech. I have learned that if there is resistance, one should take a small step even it it takes effort and the universe somehow closes is and sends a message for the next step one needs to take and it goes on and on. It is essential that one is open for the signals that will be received.
  4. As happens not infrequently, Teal is not easy to understand but Laura is. Can somehow Teal not learn from Laura? I have observed that other people have the same problem as I do with Teal. Once I used to replay videos several if not many times to try to fully understand what Teal was saying. I have given up and simply follow Teal less. Nonetheless, I have stuck with Premium because I sincerely believe that Teal does an excellent job of helping people and it is my way of financially contributing to Teal's effort. I do the same with Rick Archer's Buddha at the Gas Pump that I occasionally follow as his interviews are not generally pragmatic and of practical use but in his own way tries to help people to get enlightened. Rick Archer has an excellent diction and following him does not create any stress.
  5. I distinguish between personal "culture" and country or group culture for that matter. When a person acts from himself and not as representative of a given culture, relationships tend to go well and walls are not rigid, boundaries are more flexible and transparent. When a person acts being fed by group cultural conditioning, the walls stay rigid, impenetrable and not transparent. One has to dissipate the filters that separate what appears like a cold behavior to what appears like a warm embracing one that is often rooted in flattering and fawning.
  6. There are books that one simply continue to read and don't want to put it down. Personally I don't believe that Teal's Anatomy of Loneliness is that sort of book. I did not like Teal agreeing that the husband of that woman who said that it is taking him months to read Teal's latest books is due to his not being interested in the book and simply doing it to please his wife, just like his wife had said. I also do not agree that one falls asleep when one reads something or listens to something that one wants to avoid -.example of autoimmune disease-. There are times when one is tired and one simply goes to sleep. The absolutism of Teal is not always welcome. We are all certainly a manifestation of God but Teal poses herself as above everybody else, fully God. I guess Teal is being authentic since that is what she feels but it is nonetheless a posture that with time becomes annoying; so much pretense.
  7. I would love to have Teal's videos being transcribed automatically; hopefully the automatic translator can make her more understandable. Her diction leaves to be desired, the audio is often not the best, she talks too fast. I love listening to Ralph Smart, though I do not follow him much, for his clarity of speech. Courtney Amundson also does a great job at speaking. I don't really enjoy playing back again and again portions of Teal's speech to follow all she says. My listening of her videos has been decreasing and I guess one day I simply will withdraw from Premium. Thanks
  8. The life I want is the life I already have. That's being in the present, living the present. Each moment feels like the best moment ever. That's what I call being coherent to oneself rather than being coherent with oneself. Thanks Teal
  9. What you have said about 2019 could be said, I believe, about any other year. Everything could potentially happen any time. A lot of it depends on us as individuals and everything depends on the collective.
  10. It is clear that you are a surgeon and not a nurse but perhaps people keep on expecting you to be a nurse and to nurse them into freedom. Changing people's beliefs and expectations is a slow, harsh, frustrating process. You are young and, apparently with all your special talents, you still need to mature. You say that the universe is a 360 degree mirror and that you are the mirror and people see in mirrors what they want not necessarily what the mirror is showing. Thanks Teal.
  11. Being London the epicenter of human consciousness what is your take on Brexit. The brexit enthusiasts are, as far as I know, mainly from outside London whereas the remainers (non brexit) are mainly from London. What implications are there for the world as a whole? Polarization is ever growing and that does not sound promising.
  12. I also do have hope but I feel like those that use spirituality as a scape from themselves, from their physicality, from the real dual world will likely be stranded when the world will have a major upheaval. One will need to know survival skills: body-mind-soul integration.
  13. It seems to be that what Teasl says in the video is a bit confusing. On the one hand, if we have intentional and conscious thoughts it does not cause the type of effect it would normally do if we would have an unconscious one, says Teal but, on the other hand, if we pre-meditate murder or such things, is not very conscious for them, adds Teal, and they are doing it just to get relief. I think premeditating is an act of consciousness -conscious thought- but I do agree that it is done more as an act of relief. Maybe is just the word pre-meditate that is confusing for me. Thanks Teal for all your thoughts that stimulate critical thinking and help demolish engrained certainties and beliefs.
  14. Great piece Teal. Consciousness rises through heroes and victims. Some succumb very early as they can't take the pressure. Others significantly add to universal expansion. Some move small mounds while others move mountains. We each come to do what we came here for. My brother used to tell me: Jaime, seed but don't harvest. It is for the other to harvest when, how and in whatever way he wants. Just keep seeding. Some seeds land on fertile soil, germinate and sprout. As Anita Moorjani says a lot: "My Heart goes out to You Teal". Love you.
  15. Agree totally with George. It's rather frustrating to continue to listen and go back on the recording various times to try to understand. Thanks Teal anyway.

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