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  1. Hi Teal I was wondering why you have not blogged for sometime when I know you are all about action and can always make the most of your time. Why no blogs then? Your words are like oxygen and they flow like water. Early this Morning your Forecast for this year was on my mind and I felt the need to write this to say just how accurate you are and how well you convey messages. To say "AIR is the element to master in 2020" before the World experienced this deadly virus is beyond comprehension. Then I realised we all should simply be focused on what you have already said. Thank you. Love Mark x
  2. Dear Teal, You have chosen an amazing purpose and you are making a positive impact in this world. Death is last first comes life. Your pure teaching offers clarity of choice. You don't take anything away only give more by providing understanding for those wanting to listen and devote energy and time to learn from you. Suicide is death first - It's another personal life choice! Your words are the oxygen it's up to us to breathe it. Following your joy sums up your teaching - How wonderful." Love Mark x
  3. Hello wonderful Teal I'm here because you came through my dream. Your message to me is about meeting up. It was very special so much so it made me check out your blog on a day I'm so busy I didn't have this time to do it. When I read it I was wowed because I wrote to you telling of my wrongful arrest and being in a cell and I also experience your feelings in Melbourne, Sydney amazing ocean views and that connected me to your experiences this is so surreal and powerful at the same time. I don't know how we are to connect in this life my circumstances are very upside-down right now. I'm with Mar
  4. Teal Please Help Me! I’m trying to be brave as I write this because I am experiencing first hand what you say and even armed with knowledge you can’t stop or prevent society taking control of you and influencing others using any means necessary to make sure you do what they want. It’s so scary to witness it all and can see where it’s leading and who is listening the people that do are turning everything you say and do against you and you know they are doing everything to make you feel it’s you that’s wrong and bad. When the reality is with my situation I was empowering and enabling an elderly
  5. Dear Teal You are more than your words. You are more than your wisdom. You are more than your actions. You are more than your honesty. You are more than your belonging. You are a gifted human with more love and light to share than some people can accept. Let others keep their resistance to change and stay consumed in ignorance with your blessings. Whilst your door of truth remains wide open. I'm so happy I have found you and can see many people feeling the same way. This door leads straight to your heart and it changes everyone's life for the better and these be
  6. Your words Teal are so pure and so honest with clarity of vision it's like looking through my eyes and feeling your experience as my own. Your teaching is based on knowing to be able to say "become aware of the vulnerable self that we can become aware of these needs and begin to meet them." The instinctive self is natural and to see nature as our raw emotions before the experience and being told in this life. That's the depth of real deep. In my summary when you see a tiger you know if you offer your hand to it your hand is no longer yours. However you can't always see the tiger
  7. Teal you are amazing and your words are so penetrative with real feelings. Thank you. Finding partner oneness the absolute attraction with each another in everything you say and do. Have you ever tried eating what you partner loves but it tastes disgusting to you? Have you ever heard your partner lie and it made your blood run cold? Have you ever felt being dropped because of being put 2nd over others? Have you ever felt gap because you are waiting for love that didn't come when you most needed it? Have you ever seen your partner in rage and felt vulnerable?
  8. I love the photo with the head in the sand. It's so funny it reminds me of me thanks for that. When you talk about teaching the teacher it can be a caring message not a teaching. Just to remind you what you already know. Love Mark x Just wanted to let you know I appreciate you Teal and I'm thinking about all the great work you have done and knowing how one day it is going to change this world's view on living a joyful life. Love Mark x
  9. I love the photo with the head in the sand. It's so funny it reminds me of me thanks for that. When you talk about teaching the teacher it can be a caring message not a teaching. Just to remind you what you already know. Love Mark x
  10. Teal wonderful Teal The answer is staring you in the face. What you are affraid of is your knowing. You know your are what you feel as you say "you feel more like a revolutionary than a spiritual teacher". Acceptance of this knowing is hard. Seeing past these haters is just another focus to dig deep into your true feelings seeing the love around you. Your honesty is your protection and your sheild of truth is your strength. You are here to make a difference and the universe is with you every step of the way. Know this as absolute and you will never have a reason to fear. For you know as
  11. Wow Teal drastic change 2017. Running away and letting go but without acceptance? It feels to me like embracing resistance? Is your life still in resistance to love and are your messages are your mirrors Teal? What about looking at 2017 like this:) See, hear, taste, smell and feel good in everything you deem bad. Accept all that is bad in 2017 as only the short term to make you appreciate the good so much more. Allow the universe to appreciate your expansion and reward your altimate desires. Image how beautiful 2017 will be when we all embrace and accept bad as never bad a
  12. Hi Teal Your out of body was incredibly detailed. The messages I feel were telling you that friendship is very important and you and you simply need this message to be heard in your daily circles. Your exposure to everyone is extremely draining and becoming your fox is fulfilling and so replenishing you. This is your strength to keep going. You give to everyone, myself included all the time without considering the effect on you. It's time you focused on the amount of love around you. We all appreciate your honesty and amazing life perspectives, they're all so accurate and wonderful.
  13. Hi Teal, Always love reading your blogs. It made me smile when you said about saving house bugs. I'm exactly the same life is life. The noise caused by those bugs has become the native silence through acceptance. Acceptance is the relief from suffering and a wonderful life lesson. Love Mark x
  14. Hi Teal Thank you for your blog. The comments to this have been all lovely and I see both sides. I voted to remain in Europe so we could address these issue from the inside around the table. Instead we listened to a knowledgeable Boris but not such a wise and clever man. Albeit a wonderful and caring man. You know Teal this UK decision is being viewed as building borders and self protection we all see conflict coming. You are the one Teal to show harmony is the answer and how we are to love on another without conditions attached. Our role is to create the funds for you to do this life purpose

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