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  1. CathyLeidall

    Lizard Friend

    Soooooo cute!
  2. CathyLeidall

    Teal's Safe Space

    What a joy it is to see Teal like that. ?
  3. CathyLeidall

    Resistance Demo

    More plz....?
  4. CathyLeidall

    How To Be Softer

    Can't argue with that one
  5. CathyLeidall

    The Dark Crystal

    Thank you! : )
  6. Now I so so soooooo wanna see this ask Teal!!!!!
  7. CathyLeidall

    The Dark Crystal

    More please in depth about this movie....
  8. Please Teal needs to do a video about "discernment" guys. Let's raise our call for this!!!!
  9. Honestly I want ro believe it's just a phase. I'm tired of being alone. From where I stand It feels like forever. I'm constantly pressured to be in a relationship and take others best interest while I GET NOTHING GOOD IN RETURN. Again from where I stand I can't perceive it to be just phase. It feels like it's my lifestyle. And it really is the BEST healing modality I've had experienced on earth [SELF CENTEREDNESS]. But then again thanks dear Teal for your perspective.
  10. CathyLeidall

    After Enlightenment

    These topics are interesting
  11. CathyLeidall

    Teal's Split

    Omg. Same. It's one of the reason I can't go out publicly or with anyone outside of my circle of trust to be happy out loud. It's scary. It's almost like you have to bow down and watch for the perpetrators out there who might not have your best interest at heart at all. Thank you for sharing dear Teal.
  12. CathyLeidall

    Toxic Masculinity

    Yes! I like videos like this! Brek them taboos Teal!
  13. This has been far the greatest Workshop I ever witnessed. Simply amazing! Ty People are asking questions about the world / about others "disabilities" / afterlife / suicide / self growth path / healthy parenthood lifestyle etc ?
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