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  1. Hey teal and tribe.... Firstly thanks so much for writing so honestly and beautifully. In 2016/2017 I really thought about killing myself a lot and sunk down into planning it. I watched your videos, read your entire blog and book series religiously. Every day, I woke up and started the day with one of your blogs (I went from the beginning). I loved your books, I worshipped your videos. I attended the Sydney mirror event and got to give you a hug a few months ago!!! I have never once thought about suicide since that dark time. I relied on you teal, and your teachings and they allowed me to grow, evolve and love deeper and more beautifully than I could ever have even imagined. It was directly because of you, that I did not kill my self. I'm sure of this. 110%. Please know that for every crazy out there that throws "you make people commit suicide' you're a cult leader, you just a cray ass bitch! (Hehe)" there are ten others that are still here BECAUSE of you. You have opened up a life for thousands on this planet that is worth living and loving. You are so special and even the way you have handled this onslaught of craziness is almost worth it, because look at the example you are setting for everyone else out there. Famous Or not the honesty you express in this blog with such grace and style is inspirational I have learnt a lot and will always continue to learn a lot. Because you are wonderful teal swan (and co!) thank you soooo much for existing the way you do. I love it. I adore it. Keep going, there are sooooo any people that love you like crazy. Xxxxxxxxooooooxoxoxooxoxox
  2. @Pastor George @Gwydion1987 Here you go -- I wrote it all out for you: [Teal:] Let’s talk about time, shall we? In this universe, time doesn’t actually exist and time is a principle that applies foremost to your physical body. It is nothing more than a learning tool. [Teal singing:] “A, B, C, D” let’s me learn something. That’s the only reason for it, but your mind is not limited to this time-space reality, otherwise, it couldn’t remember things. If your mind was limited to the current time-space reality, your mind couldn’t learn. You also couldn’t protect yourself from future scenarios. So, what I want you to understand is that a human is a fusion of three aspects. Now, you’ve probably heard that you have to have spiritual healing and physical healing, etc. Ok, so, like, here’s the thing…. there’s nothing wrong with your soul. Nothing at all. Nothing wrong with your spirit. You can’t touch it; can’t do anything with it. It’s the aspect that.. that… like I grew up with. People who were ritually traumatized, what they understand acutely, is the principle that there is an aspect of self that is absolutely untouchable, absolutely indestructible. More like water. Can’t really do anything with it can you? You can burn it up… it evaporates. You cut it… it splits. You can’t do shit with soul. So, the soul is coming down into emotion, physicality, mentality. Only the physical body is what exists to this 3D, linear reality. So, what if I told you. And, know a lot of your clients will not be ready for this., but it’s something that you should know. When you go back in time in the Completion Process, you are quite literally going back in time with your mental and emotional body. The only aspect of you that is here is your physical body. And believe me, when you get through this process enough, you will feel what I mean. It is like coming back from somewhere. That is why it’s a journey and that’s why, you know, shamans who do soul retrieval are like, “We’re going! Like, “We are going, going.” Like, have fun, we’re gone! So, we are taking our emotional and mental body back in time, literally and we’re messing with time. Because even though you can’t go back in time to alter what you physically heard, so, yes, you will be coming back to your physical body. You are altering the emotional and mental aspects of the past. This is serious, you guys. You alter the mental and emotional of the past, everything that is caused to be linked to those things is going to shift with it. [Male voice with question:] so, those aspects, both from the past, exist right here, right now. [Teal:] exactly — and you’re changing them, and you’re changing everything linked to them, and you’re changing the point of attraction associated with them.
  3. I hate yoga and I agree with Bjork -- the time stamps are awesome. I so hope Teal answers my question in the future!! I'll keep asking. Lol
  4. I wish I could hear this entire conversation!
  5. Josephine

    Gingerbread House

    Winter is mini Blake
  6. Josephine


    OOOoohhhhhhh I was feeling so crazy yesterday... I kept getting really angry with people (even on teal premium because I felt a bit threatened). Then I couldn't sleep so went outside and saw it was a fulll moon! Didn't know it was mercury retrograde too! Going to work on my anger issues thanks teal
  7. Josephine


    Thank you so much for uploading this!!! I absolutely loved it. X
  8. Josephine

    Working Mom

    QUALITY OVER QUANTITY BABY!!! how many "stay at home mums " do you think actually truely benefit their kids like you benefit winter. You have chosen to be a mother to the world as well as your son. All your other children love and appreciate this beyond your comprehension (im sure of this) ! I hope you remember too, that the lessons and insights you gain through your work will be invaluable to winter! You talk so much about this mummy guilt (or mommy lol i should say), and it makes me feel so terrible! Although I'm only 21 (with no kids yet...thank the lord) and have no idea what This mummy guilt must be like I just wish you would see what i see when I look at you. #1 mum earth 2017 edition love .... to infinity and beyond xoxo
  9. Josephine

    Beach Day

    SAME!!! I hate when you talk about an excercise or procedure ...and then give us nothing! Don't make us hungry then not feed us! Ps I'm really sorry you caught in a rip tide! They're so scary , I'm from Australia people die all the time rom rips. So I'm just very grateful youre still alive xxx
  10. Josephine

    Landscapes & Walls

    Is it just me or does anyone else also have literally no idea what's being spoken about in this video....? So confusing what's the context? What's the aim of the process? What are landscapes? What are walls? Guess I gotta book a trip to Philia to find out!
  11. Josephine


    ....I really love your hairstyle and dress!!! Good luck with all that integrating! Wishing you all the love and light and support i can from Australia xx SAME!!!
  12. Josephine

    Narcissistic Parents

    YYYYYAHHHHHHSSSA BITCH!! this is golden honestly bright sparkly golden insights xx
  13. Josephine

    Living With Teal

    Awww this is so cute x
  14. Dayum teal..... no words. This has left me speechless. You truely are a visionary and I love your vision!!!
  15. INCREDIBLE!!! Absolutely amazing thank you premium team! Love this workshop so much, quality was great, sound was excellent! X
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