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  1. Helena zavesky

    Hey teal and tribe.... Firstly thanks so much for writing so honestly and beautifully. In 2016/2017 I really thought about killing myself a lot and sunk down into planning it. I watched your videos, read your entire blog and book series religiously. Every day, I woke up and started the day with one of your blogs (I went from the beginning). I loved your books, I worshipped your videos. I attended the Sydney mirror event and got to give you a hug a few months ago!!! I have never once thought about suicide since that dark time. I relied on you teal, and your teachings and they allowed me to grow, evolve and love deeper and more beautifully than I could ever have even imagined. It was directly because of you, that I did not kill my self. I'm sure of this. 110%. Please know that for every crazy out there that throws "you make people commit suicide' you're a cult leader, you just a cray ass bitch! (Hehe)" there are ten others that are still here BECAUSE of you. You have opened up a life for thousands on this planet that is worth living and loving. You are so special and even the way you have handled this onslaught of craziness is almost worth it, because look at the example you are setting for everyone else out there. Famous Or not the honesty you express in this blog with such grace and style is inspirational I have learnt a lot and will always continue to learn a lot. Because you are wonderful teal swan (and co!) thank you soooo much for existing the way you do. I love it. I adore it. Keep going, there are sooooo any people that love you like crazy. Xxxxxxxxooooooxoxoxooxoxox
  2. Helena zavesky

    Dayum teal..... no words. This has left me speechless. You truely are a visionary and I love your vision!!!
  3. Helena zavesky

    INCREDIBLE!!! Absolutely amazing thank you premium team! Love this workshop so much, quality was great, sound was excellent! X
  4. Helena zavesky

    That's exactly what I was thinking!!!!! It's like when dogs are only let out on a leash.... dogs were made to run free! It doesn't feel like freedom when it's "contained in a box". The whole point of freedom is to be able to choose when one wants to express that freedom that brings true liberation.
  5. Helena zavesky

  6. Helena zavesky

    To be totally honest.... I'm just jelous of winter. I couldn't imagine a better mum to grow up with!!!
  7. Helena zavesky

    WOW Denize, just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing this. I really felt how authentic raw and open you were! I really resonated with a lot of your "negative stereotypes and judgements" .... so it really made look at myself. Thank you!! ❤️
  8. Helena zavesky

    I wish you health and a speedy recovery first of all! Thank you for sharing your story, it's always so amazing to see how teals theories correspond and connect to each other. It's also good to get an honest opinion from someone with chronic pain. My grandpa has had chronic health issues for months and I'm living with him. He never expresses himself honestly, so it was helpful to read your words. It's always better to be honest with yourself I also completely agree! Thank you and much love ❤️
  9. Helena zavesky

    Teal, I really hope you hear the call to rest, relax and enjoy yourself more, despite some people projecting their own lack onto you. Imagine a world where we all feel like ALL our life is a holiday .... your life! Please, I hope these people don't get to you!!! Thank you for diving deep into their perspectives and sharing your gold mine of insights! I appreciate you beyond measure! I hope you enjoy the fuck out of life today, and everyday xx ?
  10. Helena zavesky

    Amazing blog teal! Thanks for writing one so quickly after your last! It's like Christmas came early I can't wait to visit Philia.... your blogs and pics are so enticing ... STAHPP!! Xoxo
  11. Helena zavesky

    WOW THIS IS SO DAMN GOOD!! the emotional cum buckets thing made me loose it. Really feel like it's a common dynamic. Especially with my ex boyfriend it's a hard sitch to be in
  12. Helena zavesky

    Hey lavender, thank you so much for showing yourself I'm so excited to try your recipes and use your courage as inspiration to uncover aspects of myself that were similarly kept in the dark. I absolutely love this blog post and can't believe the synchronicity it matches to my own life, as I let down my armour and move sadly away from some family members. Lots of love forever helena x
  13. Helena zavesky

    OK I just read it. I cried so much, your talent with words and expression is amazing!!! Thank you so much teal!!! This is my favoutire blog ever x
  14. Helena zavesky

    Wow this was really freaky. I got home from work, lay down on my floor in the dark and saw an image of a blue whale lying on its side, a huge sharp blade cut a thick straight line right through the whole centre of the whales belly. All the way from its tail to mouth, slicing though the heart. It lay there crying huge sad fat tears down onto me and I felt them. A terrible feeling. Then I thought of teal, her recent blue whale discovery and suddenly thought to check her blog, and this was uploaded hours ago! Thank you teal, for your incredible capacity to connect. The gift of connectedness you've brought to the world so recently, Philia, is causing huge ripples I think. Xx
  15. Helena zavesky

    Teal, please see that people project sooooooo much shit onto you!!!!! You have an extremely strong sexual presence, you are drop dead fucking gorgeous, you are the smartest motherfucker out here... OF COURSE MEN WILL DROOL OVER YOU AND BLAME YOU FOR THEIR. FUCKED UP SEXUAL DESIRES. that's their shit though, sucks to be them. Lucky you aRE you. Please please please see how much incredible change and love and hope you bring to this world!!! Please please please ignore the projectors and be grateful you've given them A REALLY REALLY POLISHED MIRROR TO REFLECT THEMSELVES ON!! You're an actual human crystal .... and people are really ugly so they're going to hate what they see when they look at you. Xoxo love forever always