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  1. Simod Bond

    Teal On Candy

    Caramel covered apple suckers
  2. Simod Bond

    Sacral Chakra Minerals

    I would like to hear it. I would also like to hear your opinion on streaming as well.
  3. Sounds to me that the biggest advertising point is that you get to learn about yourself beyond your own skin and bone.
  4. Teal, you don't actually know how to age. So yeah. And since we're talking about the upper regions of Teal's Body, instead of her nice boobs or ass, has anyone ever realized how cute her forehead is. You could just literally lick the brilliance off of her third eye.
  5. Simod Bond

    Tea Time With Teal

    Silverneddle tea is my favorite. It’s a teavana tea. I always said that if I had the money I would buy them from Starbucks and turn them into a tea and herbs company.
  6. Simod Bond

    Root Chakra Crystals

    Lol. You look like the type who enjoys the root chakra when it’s more about thriving and less about surviving.
  7. Hmm, a new flip on Independence Day would be interesting.
  8. Simod Bond

    Sports History

    You look perfect.
  9. Simod Bond

    Board Games

    The board game Transformation rmation, sound like a story telling device used in a TV show to breakup a sitcoms favorite couple and create pointless drama used to complete everyone’s story arc. I need that Mcguffin in my life. Lol
  10. Had to gofor the May 4 light saber sound lol
  11. Simod Bond

    Revenge & Forgiveness

    This scene is literally perfect. You actually looks like an American version of Mary Poppins, that went on the set of Sessame Street to teach everyone’s inner child high level psychology. You might like your free library on youtube, but you should look into doing an intimate talk show with a small studio audience that can respond to you live and getting paid for it. Plus it’ll resolve your earlier shot at a reality tv series. You’ve always shined in conversation with someone else because you know how to bridge gaps, so look into it. Great job and congrats.
  12. Tell Blake to stop breathing hard behind the camera.
  13. Simod Bond

    Teal's Favorite Movies

    Just saw The Dark Crystal. For anyone who’s curious, it’s free on Amazon Prime with the Fire Stick. It was a good movie, I might buy it for my personal collection.
  14. You are officially obligated to sing a full opera song, while wearing a pretty dress.
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