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  1. Teal, you don't actually know how to age. So yeah. And since we're talking about the upper regions of Teal's Body, instead of her nice boobs or ass, has anyone ever realized how cute her forehead is. You could just literally lick the brilliance off of her third eye.
  2. Simod Bond

    Tea Time With Teal

    Silverneddle tea is my favorite. It’s a teavana tea. I always said that if I had the money I would buy them from Starbucks and turn them into a tea and herbs company.
  3. Simod Bond

    Root Chakra Crystals

    Lol. You look like the type who enjoys the root chakra when it’s more about thriving and less about surviving.
  4. Hmm, a new flip on Independence Day would be interesting.
  5. Simod Bond

    Sports History

    You look perfect.
  6. I will sign a nondisclosure agreement and you can Christian Grey the hell out of me
  7. Use your own philosophy on balance. Someone like me would make a game out of cleaning that entire retreat center up before 10pm and call it a preworkout. To be honest that's actually a good idea. Oh how I wish to be the missing puzzle peace to solve that conundrum. Situations like that is how you get stronger.
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