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  1. Tombe

    The Catholics are still at it. been hit in my back a number of times. I know its blood atonement for coming forward to Royal Commission into child abuse. Denied all help. Human trafficking exists within Australia
  2. Tombe

    I have nt posted here for a long time in hope things would cool off. But haven't. I am still being hit. The worst nightmare is i have a Mormon cousin who is SAS. I still live in fear of police & government. I am trying to heal but whenever i go forward i am hit again. I have been hit so many times in my frontal lobe i now have cognitive impairment. I saw on news An Australian white guy got accepted as an asylum seeker in Canada due to police not giving him protection or accepting police complaints from him.The police refuse to accept complaints from me too & always try & put in in mental health unit to cover up. Mental health is either a swingers party or a concentration camp. For me its hell on Earth. My Mormon Auntie whos son is SAS in a nurse in medicare hospital & makes sure life out side mormon sis hell. I have stack of evidence to prove this. the police here in Australia are extremely corrupt so is social health care. The hospitals may help but can be cold. Are much better than police. Thank god we got social health care. At-least i now know im not alone when it comes to police harassment & corruption. Oh how i wish the mormons never found my family. they destroyed my family unit completely. I remembered a mormon baby sitter who used to throw me around when we were kids. She used to threaten us if you tell anybody in church about the abuse i will kill your little brother & give him cot death. I remember saying to mum i dont want to go to church. My mum fought me & i ran out of house with her chasing me with a knife. I was only 13. My little brothers were 11 & 2. the 2 year old the baby sitter used to drown & all sorts of shit. For refusing to go church i set bad example so i was kicked out of home Sometimes i think demons come from Earth. But i know Angels do too.
  3. Tombe

    I am quiet happy to be a deleted edit. I know the world is over run with scammers. They are everywhere. I see your & many others attack of Teal all over the net. She tried to help people. I figured that out myself. You see she made a whole lot of self help videos "to help people" Yes she made books & makes an income. Given the oligarchy USA is its real hard to live there now. So hey who cares if she improvises & learns off the net, who doesnt. But i will say Teals videos are helpful to many including me. I speak about Teal given your rants in other peoples bloggs. You see i identify with a lot of what Teal suffered I did as well. & my abusers are still at it. Coordinated by military & police. Now i am nearly 50 & have an injury to every joint. Brain damage from blows to my head. I have suffered horrifying crimes. & i am always denied police assistance. The only people who help me are my friends from China. They only humane hand. So yes it is odd what i go through. I know. But the abuse & corruption in my country goes to every level of government. I am cut off at every level. To get an idea of the evil i am preyed on by go to this site. This site has been edited by courts so not all information is now available due to court fight. & these evil pricks are all over western nations. Europe USA Canda Australia ect
  4. Tombe

    Its like im on the Trueman show. Watched persecuted hunted. Everyone know me but i dont know them. Stares. Like usually been cut off so i cant get specialist dr referral so i cant get MRI scan of head injury, so police can say no evidence. I cant get CT or Xray due to radiation treatment for cancer. I only get the most basic heath care as no GP ever give me referrals for treatment. But abuse of mentally ill people here is rampant all across Australia especially those of us who dont bow to Japan or Italian mafia. This is the limited medicare by proxy. If Italy or Japan dont like you your rights abused even police assistance refused until you prove you loyal slave. This way hits done on you without medical care so no proof then call you crazy, the cycle continues until you bow. Human trafficking is here. Australia is not the hippie love paradise. Its a gangster state following USA republican party agenda. Tax cuts to rich, leave short fall taxation. Use the deficit to create artificial debt. Then push austerity on medicare & social security all this was set instate by PM John Howard 2004 to 2007 when conservatives won both houses. Because i wake people up to this fact i am also hit. There are 2 types of mental health patients. A citizen & an inmate. Where you are classified depends on your loyalty to the underworld. Talk about the wrong people you may become a death in custody, No one cares no just another low life mental patient dead( thought form thanks to TV psychological programming) They may torture you with a medical psychiatric drug over dose i call this concentration therapy. Done so either cops can learn underworld secrets or underworld nurses can learn enemy gang secrets. There also is no legal way for poor unsupported patients to fight abuse or misdiagnosis. There is a tribunal but once you discharged before your hearing you loose your hearing & then have no way to contest circumstances of being committed. Is like the act was written by gangsters! So if i go ED is a risk of obeyance & re-education for complaining about being beat up again. After all im a mormon. One MRI scan of my whole body will prove i have an injury to every joint & now to a degree brain damage from multiple concussion syndrome Forgot to mention that in many states in Australia Human rights have a political filter being a code of responsibility if you anti nationalist or anti patriotic or terrorist your human rights can be dissolved. allowing lawful abuse. Look to New South Wales human rights with code of responsibility or Victoria model. My State Western Australia there is no humans rights or a federal. But our mental health act has human rights but the government only has to have a "regard for human rights" so The rights based principles is only imaginary to make public think humans rights exists. Is only for citizen classed patients. If what i call a political officer dont like you by police order your human rights can be ignored
  5. Tombe

    Are you a mormon or born again christian. I see both as sociopaths who beat & kick people when they are down. Yes i type about it as a kind of blog to how people like you relentlessly persecute & harass me as i die enjoying free social medicare treatment for cancer paid for by making rich pay tax
  6. Tombe

    You say your a trump supporter & Trump is the biggest liar on the planet! & you come here to abuse & bully people in suffering & call Teal a liar. You are a sociopath. You also are a vampire eating energy off those in suffering & getting a typical Christian republican kick off it. Go back to mummy & learn how to grow up
  7. Tombe

    I also am being harassed by catholic karate gang go jo kai Real nasty group. Responsible for many hurts i have. They work for gangsters within Catholics & have many cops on pay role. Today i went post office on way there i was kicked from behind, now my left hip playing up again. Feared i might loose ability to walk.
  8. Tombe

    Was remembering a couple of years ago i was propositioned on bus by 3 young mormon women wearing mormon badges. They invited me to "their place". I am suspicious they are fundamentalist mormons.. I also after reading am a bit concerned about my mormon mother threatening me due to my beliefs that aren't mormon & the mormon belief that the mormons can abuse & use violence to punish sinners. I have to break my own heart & stay away from her. These people are freaks. This punishment belief the mormons have explains a lot of shit they have done to me & why they do it. I wish the mormons would get it through their heads I AM NO MORMON
  9. Tombe

    Here in Australia we have a royal commission into child abuse. I told my story. I got screwed over at counselling. So i have lost my probably my last chance to get counselling. The offenders in my case have too much influence in government , being my step family , bio family, Mormons & free masons & an offender who runs a martial art club with many state & fed public servants. Due to this influence i am totally shut down, even from law firms. Denied police assistance, & called crazy when i am beaten up with all my evidence ignored. I have suffered torture in mental health. My human rights have been abused all my life & i have no legal way to fight. My case with police is a Mexican stand off. & in the mean time i never know when i will be hit again. I hope i never will be hurt again. I now have an injury to every joint & now it seems also i have brain damage. I also have a cold war with the Catholics due to my innate psychic ability & child abuse from a catholic boys home i stayed in as a kid.
  10. Tombe

    Mormon mother came over. Threatened me about pagan religions & to watch my mouth about bad mouthing mormons I have to completely diisapear
  11. Tombe

    Still being stalked now know both feds & state cops involved. My life has been threatened. Dont know which way to turn
  12. Tombe

    Still being stalked. Found out that Im Rh Negative bloodline. Also that Rh negative people have histroy of comuning with nature, its in our DNA. Some say iam too telepathic telekinetic & too emapthic, this is why some fanatical catholics & mormons harass me. I will have to disapear. Should have! need to figure way out i know this will not stop.
  13. Tombe

    My frontal lobe is slowly healing. I am finding it slowly eaiser to read. I have moments when reading is easy, then other moments when reading is a bit of a struggle. Not as bad as when i was first hit in frontal lobe. I am still being intimidated. I have some one i though was a friend come over & he slightly hurt my elbow. I now have cut off everyone i know who is or has been bad to me. I am cutting off catholics mormons & idiots who bully me. I am now trying to work on healing & work on getting a new circle of friends who arnt new world order fascists or gangsters or catholic or mormon or free mason. I am focusing on building friendships with love filled people who arent evil. This is what i am wishing to be in my circle. I am still struggling with thought forms that beat me down. I am working on creating healthy thought forms to live a love filled fun life & heal my abuse & sexual trauma wounds.
  14. Tombe

    Been hit multiple times. frontal lobe, shoulder back. Fortunately frontal lobe is healing. I think i need to get out of this country. Any healing wishes much appreciated. Was told by mormon mother not allowed to do black magic, that is study qi gong or study charkra meditations. she came over using mormon curses. I held special crystal. I dont know why the freaks have no depth of low or any sense of mercy. I can see them abusing me until my death bed if i dont get them off my back. I know that many angles from many different entities are harassing me.Part of it is for exposing elite paedophile ring. Even a fanatical born again christain group. I wish that all christian group's would give me religious freedom & study spiirituality in peace. I am not evil & nor is qi gong , chinese medicine or charkra meditations or having clairvoyance or any other extra sensory perception. The christians belong in the middle age era. I wish they would all give me peace. I need a way out! I also need a lot of healing. The blows to my frontal lobe made it for a few weeks i could nt read or think & i was in 10/10 pain in my head. I am in remission for cancer & they all still hunt me!
  15. Tombe

    Write down all triggers. then think of thought form counter. I try to push energy from my nervous tummy down & transform the energy but you need to know correct transformation form to benefit. I try to work out all angles that hurt, from whom. Then understand thoughts of fear, trauma then secondary paranoia. To reset & heal. I tried am still trying to heal too. Your not alone!