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  1. Sandana

    His name is Emmanuel, he was in Amsterdam at the Synchronisation workshop last month. I haven't seen it on YouTube.
  2. Sandana

    Watching him on stage in Amsterdam, I was impressed by his energy. On top of that he has the name of an angel. We will definitely hear more of him. Good luck man! ?
  3. Dear Chinadoll the question you have is 'what does sexwork do to you vibrationally?' i think it is not especially the work itself that does something to you but the way you let people (men in this case) treat you and place you in a respectless, unloving, vulnerable and serving position. As long as you allow them to ignore your needs, putting themselves in first place and take the power nothing will change. As they are paying you your position will always be the one of a serving kind, and this may seem hard to hear but this is your own choice. We can not speak of an equal relationship in this work. The thing your clients are looking for is totally different from the thing you want to offer them. It seems your purpose is an emotional connection and your clients are looking for a physical connection/pleasure. For this these men cannot be blaimed. What concerns me is you allow things to happen you do not want or like. This means the vibrational state of it is low. My questions for you are: How do you nurture yourself emotionally and what is it you are craving for emotionally? Do you allow yourself to be nurtured emotionally (by yourself)? Do you think you DESERVE to be nurtured emotionally? Who has and how have you been hurt emotionally in the past? Have you worked on this pain inside of you? How do you relate to other people outside your working life? You give away the power too? The feeling i have is that you are desperately looking for love outside of you, were in fact it can only be found inside of you. If you allow it......?