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  1. That's exactly what I was afraid of.. I feel like I am going to "reconnect" with some of them, but certain people seems like they are "lost" forever... But isn't that kind of fucked up? You love them and they love you.. Must be a way to get past the trauma related to that person. Thanks for your reply.
  2. Kalle

    Thank you very much aquartzs, I'll definitely check it out
  3. The last few months I have been experiencing some kind of spiritual awakening. But, now that I can see more clearly and deeply into myself I've discovered that it is much easier for me to be considerate, caring and loving with people I've just met, than my close friends and family. My spiritual awakening has made me a bit more distant to the people and the way I used to live before.. I feel like I have so much love to give, and I would love to be able to actually manifest it to my loved ones. Anyone that can relate to these kind of feelings and have any ways to deal with it?
  4. Kalle

    Thanks Mw.. You sure have beautiful friends!! Awesome. Unfortunately I am stuck at sea for the moment. So I haven't been able to get them yet. As soon as I can go ashore I will get my first one. Can't wait!!
  5. Kalle

    Thanks. Appreciate it
  6. Kalle

    Namaste Thank you very much for your reply Mw*.. I'll do some research on my own and buy myself a beautiful Amethyst. I just feel like googling something is very unpersonal and wanted to hear from someone with experience.. I guess Amethyst is right for me because I am so drawn to it Will check the Teal video! Thanks again
  7. As mentioned in the title I am a total newbie with crystals. When I signed up I saw that crystals was an own topic in the forum and started thinking about something in a different way. My entire life I have been really heavily drawn to Amethyst. Anyone that can tell me why? And what to do about it, should I buy one to carry with me all the time? What could an Amethyst do for me spiritually? What crystals would go along with an Amethyst? Any answer will be highly appreciated.
  8. Kalle

    Thanks for your input Craig. I will try this when meditating. Been trying to focus my breathing on this area while meditating, it helps for a while, but it always comes back.
  9. Kalle

    Guess the way you walk wouldn't make it worse then.. If you are tense it will be more painful. My nerve was damaged because of fractured ribs. And yes, it is very bad when it's coming back. After I bought those things for my shoes I didn't have it for 2 months, but now it is back. I am trying accupuncture now, I've tried more or less everything there is to try.
  10. Kalle

    I hope somebody does because I have the exact same problem. Mine is between the ribs in the back, I bought some of those soles to put in your shoes to step correctly. It has helped me a lot. So i would recommend that if your troubled nerve is in your back or can be influenced by the way you walk somehow..
  11. Kalle

    Confession: I learned about spirituality because ,my ex-girlfriend was driving me mad. I searched the internet in and out to come up with a solution. Ended up meditating every day for a few months. Got my shit together and broke up with her. Never been happier my whole life. Now I love listening to philosophers, read "good" books and meditate every day.
  12. Kalle

    Cool, he is awesome. I love how he predicted a '1984' scenario in the future where people would carry their entire life around in their pocket Everytime I need motivation i listen to his "lectures".
  13. Kalle

    Shit. I am off Hah.. I am not looking for ''victims''. I am just looking for like minded people.. They don't grow on trees in my place.. Spirituality is dead where I come from. Unicorns or butterflies.. Interesting forum.. Just the way I like it.. - Kalle
  14. Kalle

    Anyone else interested in his theories on life and the universe? In my opinion he is one of the most brilliant and underrated philosophers in the history of mankind Check out his tapes on YouTube.. Warning! Mindblowing and poor quality
  15. Kalle

    Nothing like Pink Floyds - Marooned and Coming back to life