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    Thank you, Teal, truly, for everything that you do and are. I've been following your teachings for quite a couple years now and you have changed my life, and that of my partner's. In fact, you probably saved it. I don't know how I can tell you how grateful I am other than that I cannot thank you enough! You are seriously the coolest and most relatable spiritual teacher out there, and your stuff ACTUALLY works. The fact that you can teach in a such a practical way whilst simultaneously helping people make sense of such mind-blowing concepts just amazes me! Basically, you inspire me so much is what I'm trying to say and I hope that this goes a little way in helping you feel like the people who love and adore you, like me, are speaking louder than your haters. Thank you so much. YOU ARE AWESOME. ?
  2. Fell in love with this blog. Touched me deep on so many levels. I too will celebrate Interdependence Day from this day forward! Thank you again, Teal.
  3. I love you infinitely. Thank you. You always inspire me.
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