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  1. Thank you *sob* Teal. Your words always call something deep inside of me and I am grateful for that.
  2. Vick1


    What overwhelms me today is the amount of things I want/need to do vs. my low energy level. Im on my period right now and it really feels like winter time in my body. Tired, slow, all focus is in my womb. And the things I need to do now for example in the garden/with the family etc. overwhelms me.
  3. Vick1

    Childhood Story

    Actually you already answered the question for me.. Little Mermaid. I remember LIVING in the bathtub playing Arielle. I also remember that the most beautiful thing about it was being able to move 360 Degrees in the water instead of being tied down to the ground in my reality where everything felt so extemely heavy and dense, cold and straight. What comes to my mind now, is that her mother wasn´t there. Only her father. I grew up with both parents but I never felt any connection to my mother - as if she wasn´t really there. Only the ever aggressive, stressed out, abusive father who didn´t listen to anyone except himself. Well, fits in perfectly.. The other thing I remember was ALF! Haaa Haaa! Being an alien and crashing in a foreign family household.. jep..
  4. Vick1


    I am proud about my capability to change. As a child it saved my life to changing like a chameleon to whoever was around me so as to be accepted and not get hurt (so much). Now as an adult, I realized those patterns and I put myself back together. And now I can use my ability "to know how to change something" to support myself in becoming my true self by slowly pulling back all those layers of adaptive behaviour.
  5. Vick1

    Guaranteed Happiness

    If I would be happy all the time, that means I couldn´t dicern any longer between danger and safety. So basically this would make me a lemming... If I would be happy all the time - correct me if I am wrong - this would mean I would also no longer have an impuls for expansion. Which therefore would be the oposite of what sources intension for creating me was in the first place... So there is no point whatsoever to choose Lemmingess, äääh I mean Happiness. Therefore my answer would be FREEDOM.
  6. I feel like I want to vomit right now. Taking this perspective in makes me feel so powerless and in pain that I don´t know what to do with it. If this is the future, I don´t want to live here. I want connection AND freedom. This feels so wrong I am deeply in pain. I worked the last few years on my traumas and wounds so that, now, for the first time since childhood I understand what closeness and connection even means and how deeply deeply I crave it and need it. And now this.. Puh.. Thank you for writing this, I saw this probability as my worst case scenario but I fervently was hoping it wouldn´t take place.
  7. Vick1

    Self Sabotage

    Thanks for sharing this message How can we help? Maybe do more online workshops but not for free? Thanks to you and all of your team for all the support you give us
  8. Vick1

    Borderline Personalities and CP

    Thanks I needed to hear that. Well of course I did, it´s validation hahah. But really, thank you for telling us that we are not nuts.
  9. Vick1


    Thank you for this video, I have a hard time at the moment and it fits. My favourite smells are nature after rain and the smell of the skin after a sunbath. I am sure there are a ton more since I react really intense to scents but these two are the ones I can come up with right now. Have a good week everyone.
  10. Thank you Teal! I´m excited and nervous, but mostly excited about the potential of 2020 Big hugs and thanks to you and your team
  11. Vick1

    False Altruism

    Thank you for sharing this shadow Have a good day too.
  12. Vick1

    Sacral Chakra Minerals

    Yes please talk about media
  13. Thank you, Teal. The ignorance of our species is frightening and depressing to me. And jet I often find myself contributing to these destructive patterns. Thanks for this reminder
  14. Vick1

    If You Were A Drug...

    oh god that is tricky.. I think one of the sideeffects would be constant desire for taste/flavour. So maybe I would be cannabis hahahahah Another one would be very loud inner voices that are constantly commenting on everything. Like very loud!
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