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  1. Vick1

    The Tea Room

    Wow, thank you! Absolutely beautiful
  2. Vick1

    Enmeshment Trauma

    Oh wow can´t wait for it! Thaaank you
  3. Vick1

    Christmas Village

    100% agreed! I recently watched a video made by Jonna Jinton on youtube. She loves 2 things the most: Mountains and Ice. She lives in Sweden and oh my gosh this video reminded me sooo much on Teal and what she loves, it was almost scary There is also a scene in the video - a sunrise - and there are exactly those colors! Blueish/gray and orange/yellow. So magical. I can really recommend this video to everyone who loves the winter/snow time! Have a great time everyone
  4. Vick1

    Looking Forward To

    Something I integrated in my daily routine that really helps me and is absolutely predictable is: grab a cup of coffee/tea, put on comfy and warm clothes and take the time to watch/feel the sunrise every morning. Take as much time as you can/feels good to arrive in the day, search for things you can see/hear/smell/feel that are uplifting in that moment. Breathe in the fresh air/energy, connect with the earth, connect with the arriving day. It´s a small thing, it helps me to ground myself, calm myself, arrive in the present day and sometimes it is absolutely magical I started this a week ago
  5. Vick1

    This Is A Sign

    Wow thats intense! I feel a deep urge to question everything I am/like/dislike the last couple of weeks. So intense that it feels like I am literally sick of extra baggage that isn´t even me. So I started sorting out things in my environment that aren´t true to me. I recognised there is a difference between "I like something" vs. "I like something AND this is really me". What I mean by that is just because I like for example bright colors in someones house doesn´t mean that I necessarily like to live in such a house. I never questioned why I like things. Most of the time I like things from o
  6. Vick1

    What's Your Landscape?

    My favourite place would be a very old huge forest with giant trees and lots of moss. Maybe a River that runs through it. This to me feels comforting, cloaking, deep, ancient, wise, communicative, calm, eternal, in harmony with everything.
  7. Vick1


    Congratulations from nearby Munich! You two glow, wow
  8. Vick1

    Feeling Supported

    I feel the most supported by people accompany me. Whether by giving me space/room while I express my emotions (instead of abandon me or gaslight the sh** out of my mind) or accompany me to people, places, etc... so that I don´t get so overwhelmed and tense that I disasociate. I never had that as a child, my parents were all caught up in themselves and I had to function or sit still like a doll which lead to constant dissociation in me and a very anxious mindset. Fortunately I found my partner 3 years ago and he acutally loves to accompany and "protect" me like a shield. So now I can relearn to
  9. Vick1

    Teal Caught Red-Handed

    Hahahaaa cuuuute! Have a good time
  10. Vick1


    I could watch this all day long. So soothing
  11. Vick1

    Completion Process Trick

    Nailed it. That´s actually a theme in the wounds I am currently working on (or resisting to work on..) I realized lately that the reason why my resistance or my anger escalates so fast sometimes ist because the main problem was that I was punished for showing pain/sadness/fear/you name it because it was not okay to react at all to what my caregivers decided. Thank you for reminding me about this question I am sure it will help me
  12. Thank you *sob* Teal. Your words always call something deep inside of me and I am grateful for that.
  13. Vick1


    What overwhelms me today is the amount of things I want/need to do vs. my low energy level. Im on my period right now and it really feels like winter time in my body. Tired, slow, all focus is in my womb. And the things I need to do now for example in the garden/with the family etc. overwhelms me.
  14. Vick1

    Childhood Story

    Actually you already answered the question for me.. Little Mermaid. I remember LIVING in the bathtub playing Arielle. I also remember that the most beautiful thing about it was being able to move 360 Degrees in the water instead of being tied down to the ground in my reality where everything felt so extemely heavy and dense, cold and straight. What comes to my mind now, is that her mother wasn´t there. Only her father. I grew up with both parents but I never felt any connection to my mother - as if she wasn´t really there. Only the ever aggressive, stressed out, abusive father who didn´t lis
  15. Vick1


    I am proud about my capability to change. As a child it saved my life to changing like a chameleon to whoever was around me so as to be accepted and not get hurt (so much). Now as an adult, I realized those patterns and I put myself back together. And now I can use my ability "to know how to change something" to support myself in becoming my true self by slowly pulling back all those layers of adaptive behaviour.
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