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  1. Vick1

    False Altruism

    Thank you for sharing this shadow Have a good day too.
  2. Vick1

    Sacral Chakra Minerals

    Yes please talk about media
  3. Thank you, Teal. The ignorance of our species is frightening and depressing to me. And jet I often find myself contributing to these destructive patterns. Thanks for this reminder
  4. Vick1

    If You Were A Drug...

    oh god that is tricky.. I think one of the sideeffects would be constant desire for taste/flavour. So maybe I would be cannabis hahahahah Another one would be very loud inner voices that are constantly commenting on everything. Like very loud!
  5. Vick1

    Life In One Word

  6. Vick1

    Dangerous Assumptions

    Damn Teal, thank you!
  7. Vick1

    Teal's Eyebrow Contraversy

    Hahaa damn we´re screwed! Maybe you could do an entire episode on your eyebrows and what they think about this world from their perspective. Haahah oh god.. This strange behaviour of people focussing on stuff that is unimportant to say the least always reminds me of the movie "Idiocracy". Does anybody know this movie? Have a good time everyone
  8. Vick1

    Funny Movies

    Awesome thank you for sharing! Here are some of mine (that aren´t listet yet by you guys): - Daddy´s Home 1 & 2 - Why him? - The naked gun - all movies - Adams Apples - all Ace Ventura movies or basically all movies with Jim Carrey - Tropic Thunder - Zoomania - all movies made by Michael Herbig ( Schuh des Manitu, Traumschiff Surprise, Lissie und der wilde Kaiser,..) but unfortunately there is no english version of them at least I couldn´t find them. The originals are in german.
  9. Vick1


    Yes please make an episode on death. I would love to learn your perspective on it.
  10. Vick1

    We're Our Parents

    So true! Sometimes I listen to my internal mother talking and I can literally see her inside of me. Sometimes I wonder if there is any "me" because if I trace the identities inside me I can almost always find the origin in something/someone external. love you two have a nice day
  11. Vick1

    Reason For Tragic Events

    Thank you for sharing this. I can understand that you are in a very difficult position in this world. Thanks for doing what you do, I have huge respect to your work. Have a good time
  12. Vick1

    Hot Seat

    Uh that´s a cool question! I think I have several impulses.. First I would also like to be in the perspective of my son, becaues he lives with my mom and my stepdad. So the whole family situation is very tricky to say the least. I would like to know his perspective on the hole thing and see how he feels and thinks about all this. Then I would like to be in the perspective of a big old tree. I have a very strong bond to plantlife especially trees and I always love their capability of being in a state of allowing and deep grounding and connectedness to all there is. And I would really like to see the world through your eyes, Teal. How you perceive the world, and most of all, your thoughts and feelings. Although I think it would be extremely difficult to handle your abilities/disabilities if one is not used to it.
  13. Vick1


    I am sad because of this encounter Teal had and I am very happy for Teal having Laura beside her, so she is not facing this madness alone. It´s like even though the crazy stuff still exists, Teals capability to create real closeness and deep relationships is what really matters.
  14. Vick1

    Separation Anxiety

    Obliviousness! Damn it jep, that´s really it. That explains also why I react so extremely critical to people around me, who are very chaotic and forgetfull about trivial stuff. This feeling is so threatening to me, I have a hard time to put it in words or dive into it without dissociating. Teal, you made my day.
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