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  1. Vick1

    Sacral Chakra Minerals

    Yes please talk about media
  2. Thank you, Teal. The ignorance of our species is frightening and depressing to me. And jet I often find myself contributing to these destructive patterns. Thanks for this reminder
  3. Vick1

    If You Were A Drug...

    oh god that is tricky.. I think one of the sideeffects would be constant desire for taste/flavour. So maybe I would be cannabis hahahahah Another one would be very loud inner voices that are constantly commenting on everything. Like very loud!
  4. Vick1

    Life In One Word

  5. Vick1

    Dangerous Assumptions

    Damn Teal, thank you!
  6. Vick1

    Teal's Eyebrow Contraversy

    Hahaa damn we´re screwed! Maybe you could do an entire episode on your eyebrows and what they think about this world from their perspective. Haahah oh god.. This strange behaviour of people focussing on stuff that is unimportant to say the least always reminds me of the movie "Idiocracy". Does anybody know this movie? Have a good time everyone
  7. Vick1

    Funny Movies

    Awesome thank you for sharing! Here are some of mine (that aren´t listet yet by you guys): - Daddy´s Home 1 & 2 - Why him? - The naked gun - all movies - Adams Apples - all Ace Ventura movies or basically all movies with Jim Carrey - Tropic Thunder - Zoomania - all movies made by Michael Herbig ( Schuh des Manitu, Traumschiff Surprise, Lissie und der wilde Kaiser,..) but unfortunately there is no english version of them at least I couldn´t find them. The originals are in german.
  8. Vick1

    False Prophets

    Hey Teal! Thank you for sharing your day. I totally feel you. Please keep on fighting <3
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