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  1. Much love to you!  I also must thank you for your sincere and fierce friendship towards me when i had still been new to this site and Teal stuff in general.  <3

  2. Happy early Birthday young lady!


    1. Stephanie Wintermute

      Stephanie Wintermute

      Aw, thanks Jack!

      And thanks for sending the good vibes!

    2. JiantDwarph


      You are welcome, glad I could help.

       Namaste friend

  3. Stephanie Wintermute

    Already done, my friend. And I blew his mind, which is sad. I hope a building falls on him and he returns to source with this information. Super fuck him. You have to know it's not alright at a soul level. These assholes need to get off the fucking planet.
  4. Stephanie Wintermute

    Yes. And thanks @Amit. I closed the trauma. I called him out on it like a boss. It's so weird to have such things happen, and I know they do happen, and aren't spoken about. He capsized like a ship, and couldn't even deal with it. I was kinder than I needed to be but a person that does that is already destroyed. The second emotional abuse is present, the soul contract is over, but man. How the fuck do we help humanity if this is what's going on? It's not alright. It turns my stomach.
  5. Stephanie Wintermute

    Thanks to everyone who responded about my prior post. That was a rough situation, I just needed to take it down. <3
  6. Stephanie Wintermute

    Heck yeah! I'm checking this out. Thanks @Bjork.
  7. Stephanie Wintermute

    I don't even know what the contest is, but they can be so fun to enter. Really emboldening. I'll have to check this out!
  8. I'm stoked about all of this!! I think I've mentioned that I'm EST, but this would be so fun. I've been away for a few days but I'm glad I'm back. Time to connect even more. =D D'Aw. You have no idea how much I needed to see this today. It's been a really challenging weekend! I'd love to meet you too! Thank you. @Wind I also love the new name! I've never planned a Skype or a Google Hangout, but it's pretty straightforward. I have both, so whatever we all think would be great by me. Yes! Don't miss it!
  9. Stephanie Wintermute

    I admire that I'm sitting in the darkness of my room, visualizing me performing with my band, memorizing the lyrics I wrote, excited beyond all measure. What a 4th of July! By next 4th, I will be the vision.
  10. i am not stephanie winter mute but for some reason I've come to forums and im logged into her account?

    1. AbsoluteWave


      Oh.. This is a very bad bug.  please log out... as often as possible or even refreshing your browsing casche.. So please hang in there.

    2. AbsoluteWave


      There is a forum here on this topic.  Should be helpful, but please do leave a post there and the username you DO use.  I imagine it's connected to certain users and leaking into other accounts...  dunno why though...

    3. Stephanie Wintermute
  11. who am i?

    1. AbsoluteWave


      You are a wonderful being.  You come in like a chilling winters breeze.

      Soothing the burns one gets inflicted upon by numerous intense events in their being/lives.

      You're calm, cool, collected and very humorous!

  12. Stephanie Wintermute

    This happened to me the other day. I logged out, reset my browser history, and it never happened again. It was definitely weird. I don't think I've ever been on a buggier site. And that's really saying something! Wishing well for the tech team!
  13. A fuse had some technical difficulties until just now, and there was no electricity flowing to my room. I took this opportunity to enjoy deep meditation, and visualize for my band's many successes. There was vibrant South American music lending giddy exuberance from the street outside, the sounds of fireworks coming from all directions - some a little too loud! But quickly followed by fiendish laughter. ;) 

    I had a wonderful talk with my guides and Ascended Masters, and when my roomie was walking upstairs with his little electric lantern, I thought, 'May you be blessed. And may your little lantern be blessed.' Suddenly, the lights popped back on! 

    Now, I'm about to have pine needle tea for the first time, and sea salt dark chocolate to celebrate! 

    We almost have a band name picked out, my music partner and I, and we're at the brink of continuous joy in our art. I. Can't. Wait. What a cool evening it's been. 

    Much gratitude.


  14. Stephanie Wintermute

    Aw. Thank you. Wow, 737 posts! You go, miss! I'm grateful you're in my numerology chain this evening, as well.