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  1. Iryna

    New Era

    I want you to take a side. There is no facts behind the masks, or rushed vaccine, or social is a crime against humanity what is happening now. I understand you are always try to be neutral, but I think in this case we need to fight. I was trying to take "the sheeple" as part of me, and I understand their views, but that is enough. 7 months was enough to see beyond the lies. MSM is constant lies, case numbers are lies, the economy is crushing... and the power is in the proles... What are you going to do if the vaccine will be mandatory? do you want your child to wear a mask forev
  2. Iryna

    New Era

    But I feel somewhat what’s she is saying is it about our “views” too?
  3. I haven’t vaccinated my youngest child, because I intuitively felt very against it. I can afford not to work. I don’t know what else to say. But at this point, I can see we are living in “their” world. Whatever anyone can say - the majority do believe the news and fear. And when you talk to them - it a real reality. And it’s hard to live in the world like this without creating a resistance. My pain here is how to live by being you. The last few day I played golf with my friends and I can see their point of view, but I cannot tell them mine. Because what’s the point. They truly are afraid of th
  4. Iryna

    Online Workshop - April 19 2020

    Graciella looks amazing. Xxx
  5. Well , I choose no vaccine, no id... and I am sure there are going to be a lot of us.... What’s makes me sad is that split between “us” and “them”... us - the ones who are out of the matrix and them ... and I feel that as much as I hated the current world of no real connection to people because of the trauma, Still there was more connection than it’s going to be.
  6. Iryna

    Los Angeles Workshop 2020 - 1/2

    How amazing this workshop is!!!!! I could relate to both of the participants.xxxx
  7. Iryna

    Peak Narcissism

    And I too feel so much love listening to this.... love to you... and I gues what you saw it what we all see, it’s almost you just gave me a permission to see it and feel that it’s ok....coming from you makes it more ok... I feel less “bad” person....
  8. Iryna

    Life Changing

    So beautiful!
  9. Iryna


    I have just finished watching it ,after you spoke about it on the Instagram....still in a state of shock, especially having a 16 year old son, who is extremely sensitive and under enormous pressure of “sexual” high school life. So grateful that you have mentioned this documentary...
  10. Iryna

    Frozen in Time

    I need this so much. I started crying the moment I heard the first two sentences. A few days ago in the inner child meditation I have found a part of me - my inner child -7-8 year old - dead, frozen.....
  11. Yes, that’s true. But as a codependent myself , I watched, and I felt pain of like someone did not recognize my pain. To be bad? I feel bad from the childbirth, and then I hear - accept that you are bad... well I am already feeling that deep inside... but it felt like - there is nothing wrong with you concept - was more - there is something wrong with you - because you are codependent. Well , that’s the first time , I felt the pain of my own trauma so much that I felt resistance to the teal’s words.... and your realization- how messed up you are in your head....
  12. Blake’s energy has changed so much - so much more present, stronger,open... like wow...

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