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  1. Croesus

    The short answer is, "Yes". G1 expected on April 10. Best daily update of Earth's status. Eyes Open, No Fear. Be Safe Everyone!
  2. Croesus

    I have to look at this phenomenon all day, but today I was thinking about the Native American Dog and the evolution of such starting about 40,000 years ago. I swear, if you stare at it long enough, you will understand the universe.
  3. Croesus

    Two vids that helped me these last few days. Advice for Empaths Abraham Hicks - Letting Go Is Getting Into The Vortex (Clearest Explanation)
  4. Croesus

    Wood Tiger Aquarius Ascendant Aquarius. Does anyone work with the "new" Zodiac as Ophiuchus and Cetus have come into alignment with the ecliptic?
  5. Croesus

    I agree about your passion to spread truth and appreciate your will to protect the people you care about. Looks like the community as a whole doesn't like their responses, anyway.
  6. Croesus

    Rule 44 may apply. Seriously though, in the law of attraction how would focusing all that negative energy against Teal's detractors help us or her? Just sayin'... Namaste.
  7. Croesus

    Strange that I discovered Teal though one of these people? There is no such thing as bad publicity... Teal is pretty legit. Don't give these others any attention or lip service! Rules of the Internet #19: The more you hate it, the stronger it gets.
  8. Yeah... pretending to be something you're not always works against you. Those books and methods are great up until the point where you have to make a connection with someone. Your energy will always give you away when in the state of needing something like needing love or physical connection. I think it was Teal that suggested manifesting energy in a way that is conducive to giving love instead of taking it. How To Connect With Someone
  9. It's a slippery slope... I know. At what point generating from source energy does the energy split? Is it induced by hormonal or societal influences?
  10. This is the problem I had with this whole "divine" masculine thing... At some point I had to take a step back and ask myself, "Where does the Id, Ego and Super-ego come into play"? These unreal ideas about divinity and gender really beg the question, "What does it mean to be human, first". Then there's the whole Shadow Masculine/Feminine... Everyone talks about Toxic masculinity but I feel like it's something much deeper .
  11. Croesus

    Define "evil" and then define "demons"? Crazy too because I seriously just watched Teal's vid last night... Part duex ...and not to take away from Teal's work, a more masculine point of view.
  12. It's a fun scale to think about, but it's hard to know what the original artist intended... Thanks for the meditation! I'm obviously beyond conservativism at this point, ironically enough... "Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about." - Benjamin Lee Whorf
  13. Perhaps let go of the popular meaning of the 'word' and look towards the physics definition as being, "to remain unchanged during a process". Conservation of energy. It's like turning your lights off, when you leave your house. Not wasting mental energy on useless things... Seems like a "good" thing to me!