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  1. Hi Sunshine, I've heard Teal talk about how when we are children before the age of 8 all our experiences are felt perceptions. She said it's common not to see images with your memories when you were very young. It is somatic in nature. You may not get images sometimes and that's completely normal considering how we don't even have our vision fully developed at first. You may experience the memory with any of your other senses, smell, touch, hear etc. These senses can have memories connected to them. Just like when a smell can cause a certain memory to pop up, like smelling a certain perfume or cologne. I myself do not usually get very many images either when I do the process. I usually have some feeling or knowing that bubbles forth to clue me into what memory I'm sensing. I also do not have many memories of when I was a child. I did recently uncover a birthing memory that I know I did not have any cognitive memory of. I'm still in my early stages of working with the process so I don't have too many memories that I've uncovered yet.
  2. Hi David. It may be possible that you've absorbed something on an energetic level that's weighing you down. I would suggest for you to ground yourself and release any energy that's not yours into the earth and allow the earth to absorb them and transmute them. I usually do this in my daily meditation, visualizing a divine white light that comes down from source that flows through out my chakras starting from the crown going down to the root. As I do this I visualize the divine white light as it passes through each chakra carrying any negative energy that is not mine along with it. Next, I visualize the white light going deep into the earth, as it travels the energy that was not mine is absorbed and transmuted by the earth. From there I ground myself to the core of the earth. I usually go further with it and shield my auric field after the white light travels back up through all my chakras. I then visualize the divine white light starting to pour over my auric field starting from the back topside then wrapping around to the front and underneath completely enveloping me in divine white light. I then visualize that the white light becoming a permeable barrier and then it becomes pliable. When I shield myself, I use the intention for the shield is to keep me safe and it allows the highest vibration of love to enter and everything else bounces off. Then I pull the shield in skin tight, meaning I pull my auric field in to close it. I learned this technique when I was attuned for Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 and I have since developed it into what I feel works best for me. I’m highly empathic and highly sensitive. I tend to take on other people’s energy usually. Since I’ve made this a daily practice I don’t feel as if I take on other people’s energies as my own anymore. Instead I transmute them into the earth. Also going up to a tree and touching it can help release anything that isn’t yours. The energy of the tree will transmute it for you. You might want to consider getting an aura clearing too if you still feel weighed down after trying it. An aura clearing is usually done in a Reiki session. I've had pretty intense pain in my body that wouldn't release even after getting a massage. A coworker cleared my aura for me and I immediately felt a release in my hip and lower back where the pain was. I completely understand about the depression about the lack of relationships. I have felt that way myself lately. In fact, just before logging on I was feeling a bit down about the lack of deep connection in my life that I crave. I am looking for opportunities to connect with people, hence why I logged on tonight. I know the depression can get to you sometimes. I’ve been using the completion process lately to practice being with my emotions and working through them. It’s a great process. It’s hard to connect to people when everyone you meet seems so asleep spiritually. But I am starting to see that most of these quirks about personalities are just some of my triggers popping up. Which I’m starting to see as opportunities for me to do the completion process. So, I’ve been trying to think of ways to put myself in more situations where I’m out of my comfort zone as Teal has suggested. If you haven't read The Completion Process I would suggest it. It really helps when I'm having a hard day that's emotionally charged. It's possible that the clay vest you're feeling is your own emotional energy. It definitely wouldn't hurt to do the grounding and transmuting meditation technique just in case. The completion process should allow you to find the original traumatic memory that might be causing this feeling and change the causation of it and then allow you to move forward with it. You could even get a completion process practitioner to facilitate you through it if you wish. I've been considering that for myself. Hope this helps
  3. Thank you very much Damian! And thank you for being you <3
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Jeanette. I live in Jacksonville, FL. I've been a massage therapist for over 10 years. I became aware of Teal shortly after I met my twin flame connection in 2014. I think the first video I watched was her video on activating your third eye or astral projection. Teal is so inspiring. She has completely changed my life. If it weren't for her I wouldn't have known how to heal my inner self. Her perspective is refreshing. She has also inspired me to go after my new dreams of helping other people in a bit different way than my career has allowed me to(although that has been amazing, I think it has run it's course). I decided to start to put myself out there through my blog that I'm working on currently. I love working on it. Gives me this great creative outlet. And I enjoy blogging about spirituality. I am also very interested in becoming a reiki master and getting into tarot card reading. I can't wait until Teal's frequency tarot cards come out