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  1. Eti

    The Kookaburra

    wonderful blog :)
  2. Eti

    Enmeshment Trauma

    super helpful, thank you Teal
  3. this was one wonderful workshop
  4. Eti


    thank you
  5. Eti

    Some Days Just Suck

    I know how hard it must be for you Teal, it sucks to be attacked from all sides, you definitely dont deserve to be experiencing such hatred. Sending hug
  6. a workshop on my birthday, wonderful !
  7. Eti

    Selectively Identified

    selective identified gurus are predictable and therefore perceived as "safe", people identify with them much more easily, or at least with an ideal they want to project to their audiences. you are right, the time has come to embrace the full range of human experience, which consists of multiple aspects of the "self". thank you Teal for creating something entirely new, you are immensely brave and inspirational.
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