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  1. I think the breaking open of truth (light..in dark) makes the unhealthy ego snap in more clearly (fear, controlstructures). Since the „choice for love“ is so intreaging and universal ground, the ego feels manipulated (it’s own language) by it. Ego just snaps in stronger and clearer. But in that sense choice doesn’t really seem fairly and freely enforced, god. In the „end“ we will have to make the choice for love. Which funny enough doesn’t seem free. It seems like only a matter of endurance, where the point of suffering becomes clear. So the ego seems like a disconnected god. But then again a certain dissconnection is needed to take a INDIVIDUAL choice. The egos concern for survival makes it alway about a battle to win over the other. And the strength of the beaten down by it is the point of nothing left to loose, uncovering true free will. Easy said, but not easy survived. In practical life I have not found a formula how to correspond to the ego..perhaps, since cought in the mind, by moving into the heart or staying clear in the minds gained conciousnes..focus? Ego needs justification, but giving it that won’t help. Perhaps asking for the motive..it will say truth. So how is truth gained. Where and on what level does one choose to settle? Accepting their „will“ to create harm..how behold bounderies in a connected way? I considre being mentally ill of life. The given thoughtpatterns (I live in Switzerland) if not compliend to create your own murdering. The „peace“ restored, creates internal living hell. And I was born into a material worldview (also enforced by esoteric claims) only my story has brought me to believe (nothing else left) in hope and trust. What I mean is, not properly equipped for this, god. I‘ld love to have a loophole to the law of attraction, but I understand the danger in motives. The moment, the heart, consciousness chosen and gained is what I‘m left with. And I don’t know how to deal with ego. Perhaps in it‘s own suffering, which it avoids, then, over time, it will be left with only one thing: what is true. True to them and true to you. Playing the game of life to universal truth. Hello god, do you know yourself now? Here is me talking to me: let connected power rain down! Give all your power (givin, inherent, not taken) dive in..and make it worth living, will ya.
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