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  1. @EvenStar thanks for your comments, they're a breath of fresh air for me!
  2. @ElohimRising I don't know all of my friend's parents but either way your point doesn't stand because we're not all the same as our parents. I watched the video and Teal actually backs up what I said in my previous comment about how a real Muslim would never do that when she says "...which is ironic because most people who really take over and stand for religion doing damage, don't really stand for the actual religion but they say they do." You reveal your fear in the malicious tone you take with me. I personally don't call people stupid as I believe in everyone's potential and mainstream society has a very narrow definition of intelligence. I believe empathy, of which you haven't demonstrated any, to be way more important. I also find it ironic that you talk about equal rights between the sexes in one post and in the next post patronisingly call me "sweetie". Would you call a man that?
  3. @ElohimRising I can only talk from my own experience but all the Muslims I know were born here, they didn't move here to convert anyone I've never had a Muslim try to convert me or felt disempowered as a woman through being friends with Muslims. You remind me of the propaganda I read about in newspapers over here, trying to polarise people against Muslims. When there has been terrorist attacks, all of the Muslims I know have been devastated and will tell you that a real Muslim would never do that. As for knife crime, that's a gang issue not a Muslim issue. Now you're reminding me of Trump talking about things he doesn't know about! I also don't know any Muslims who think gays should be killed. In my circle, Muslims and gays are friends and accept each other's differences. Lastly, why do you feel the need to resort to labeling me a "muslim sympathiser" and "propaganda police"? These labels are meaningless to me. Why not be impartial and offer me facts or is your argument not strong enough to stand on it's own?
  4. @ElohimRising I live in London where we're blessed with a high population of Muslims and I can tell you that Muslims are the most giving group of people I've ever known. I was struggling to take my daughter to school recently as I had a stomach bug and a Muslim mum whose daughter is friends with my daughter offered to take her to school for me so I could go home and rest. 30 minutes later she knocks on my door with lemons (to make lemon water), coconut water (to keep me hydrated) and strawberries for when I get my appetite back. When walking down the road I often see Muslims giving food to homeless people. I was so touched once when myself and another of my Muslim friends went to get lunch from a supermarket. She bought 2 lunches: one for herself and another for a homeless person she'd seen down the road. They celebrate Eid by giving money to charity and others. I remember after the Grenfell tragedy in London, it was Muslims who were the first to set up aid, food and water for those who had lost their homes and in some cases their loved ones in such a horrific way.
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