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    Sounds like the Teal I think I know - which I actually don’t know at all. Short road there, short road home. Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency!
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    June 16th

    Happy Birthday Teal!! We love you!!
  3. Wow! This is so incredibly complex! The degree to which the powers-that- be have executed on their vision (depopulation? Superior species?) - with commitment, precision and consistency is really quite excellent - let’s take some plays from that book and create the world we want to see! Why would those in power want us to riot and be violent? I have some ideas: 1) DISTRACTION - let’s say 1 person has a goal but to get to that finish line they would have to push aside or beat 100 people to get there. 1 vs 100 (if those 100 people are working together) is really not good odds. L
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