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  1. Sending much love also, thanks
  2. Dianne Sharada Johnson

    Ted Bundy

    In this time as opposed to earlier times, it has escalated, I have experienced also, I didn’t read others sentiments, but all so true but
  3. Dianne Sharada Johnson


    And this is upsetting us both I am always truthful like you, so understand whatever you going through, I can know experiences same, maybe were same soul stream, love you and blake you’ve been amazingly understanding thankful] you both always ?️?
  4. Dianne Sharada Johnson


    ?always ?, lol We understand seemingly experience same at same time/ this dimension
  5. Teal, I'll try to come too, Curveball again...... I love dresses long flowing too, from the wrong time dimension too...sending love everyone always too
  6. Thanks true, rest, I should have come to curveball...thanks Teal Team your all wonderful
  7. Dianne Sharada Johnson


    I so wished I came to curveball now, will definitely try again its actually ... here next retreat I promise no more chickening out, lol
  8. ? always with you and understanding dear friend
  9. Dianne Sharada Johnson


    So adorable, thanks for filming ?
  10. Just don’t friend Spiritual dream decoder, I don’t dream, actually so it’s ed=ffwct ed me..., I l0ked him and he bilked me out of 50 thousand usd..lol, you already know..lol
  11. , he’s so nice.. Lol like my life,,, love Blake too , he’s so nib-ce
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