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  1. nuia

    In each moment as a desire arises, our purpose is to go in the direction of that desire. Follow your Joy
  2. nuia

    When I read this, it doesn't sound like it is about the loss of sex drive, but the loss of connection. Having someone you love, always wanting to make a 'connection', to become one with you, suddenly lose that ability.
  3. nuia

    I just said 'Guatamala', out loud in a spanish accent. Rolling my arms like they were waves. Then I looked around to make sure no one saw. All the best for your trip
  4. nuia

    I think the middle part your looking for is found through 'awareness', If you were aware, why the water was expressing it's self in liquid form and that by you seeing it in it's liquid form, you were inspired to become more aware of 'yourself'. - I know, sounds confusing right, trust me, it makes more sense in my head
  5. nuia

    Even the most healing practices have shadow aspects. If it feels useful to you, explore it, trust yourself. @AbsoluteWave I love your 'signature' at the bottom of your posts.
  6. nuia

    I think I remember her saying that too.
  7. nuia

    I fully sobbed after reading that blog post. I mean I love trains, but I don't want to run with a crying baby.
  8. This thread makes me cry. Everyone that commented- @walt @Mark Joseph Middleton @Tibor @Amazawa @Pastor George You guys are awesome!!! All the best @Giulia
  9. nuia

    Don't worry, we are all creators with free will. It kind of means, that you knew all of this before you incarnated onto the earth and you still chose to come
  10. nuia

    You will find the best teachings given by an actual, Tantric Teacher. Better yet, a retreat or group gathering. There's something about, the vulnerability of that connection, that's so powerful. If you want to know what to expect, there are a few blogs out there, where students share their experiences.
  11. Actually where I am now, I don't feel 5d, I don't see anything exciting about getting there either. My mind wants me to believe that, that place isn't safe, that if I go there, I will be alone.
  12. nuia

    Have you tried pro-biotics? Those million little helpers may aid in your digestion. Honestly though, do what is loving for you.
  13. I kept my children home from school today because theres an Earthquake 'prediction' To be honest, I feel kind of disappointed in myself. I feel like a sheep that followed the flock. So I live in New Zealand and we have always had seismic activity, however the past few earthquakes have been quite devastating to the nation. The last one happened on the super moon in November and scientists have noted the link that full moons and it's gravitational pull has on earthquakes. Therefore they predicted that because we are in full moon now, that we should prepare for an earthquake and tsunami to follow. When I heard of this, my logical mind wanted to dismiss everything. But here I am at home with the children. I asked my heart and it wanted me, to keep my children close today. Keep in mind that there have been a few deaths of people very close to us and all I want to do, is have everyone that matters to me, by my side. One of my sons teachers passed away at school last Friday. I dropped him off at school on Monday and as usual walked him up to his class. The energy around the school, the students crying and holding each other, it brought me to tears, it seems so unfair. I found out the other day that we are all, already in 5d. If it doesn't seem like it, it's because we are holding on to the 3d and our old belief systems. I look around at my material life, I can see how an Earthquake would shatter my 'rat cage'. But I don't want it to be that way. Please help me to release resistance.
  14. nuia

    Hello and welcome