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  1. Dear Teal Please make an episode on how to experience healing to an *Dizorganized Attachment* person. I would like to know how to love these type of people.
  2. Wow this hit home hard! Thank you Teal!
  3. Why can't I react to These videos anymore?
  4. This genetics topic seems captivatingly interestin. More please ^^
  5. Yeah. Sth stale about have concrete only city or real state you know... Love the structures and big fancy rocks but when nature is not so present it just doesn't feel right. ? I'm so grateful where I am now has a park. I get to see kids and parents and dogs walking around. It's wonderful. Just wish I had an Ice cream at these moments.
  6. FINAAALLYYY!!! I've been waiting for something like this. I just couldn't put it to words. Yes I agree. Sometimes the most loving thing to do is to stay apart (ending essencially) from the relationship. Don't gett me wrong. I'm all into building relationships and put the effort (commit) to stay together and brainstorm ways to be healthly together. In fact it creates a better bound when this is done well from both parties. BUT sometimes some people are so far from our realities that it burns both of us. (Just doesn't make sense being together even if you wish to be) Lovely insight and awarenesss. Can't wait for an ask Teal episode on this.
  7. The painting is so beautiful. I never imagined a purple sky would look so gripping my
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