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  1. Free voice readings | clairaudiance | skype I can give you readings based on your voice and how you talk, and how you move when talking. It's NOT a therapy. It can be not what you need. It can be not what you can hear. But anyway, let's try ) Well, what do I do? when people talk to me, I hear the energy that also talks tthrough them. I can reflect back that meanings, and add what I hear from the Cosmos. Well, what do you do? You just talk about your issues. And say yes or no to my feedback, and you can stop me at any time. Well, who the hell am I? I'm Darya. I'm Russian, but quite fluent in English. For about 7 years I am practicing reading photos, but I'm better connected to myself and thus the Universe when I hear people talking and respond. Strict confidentiality of our talk is guaranteed by me personally, and by the mechanics of the process - after the session I can barely remember a word from talking. The process is free, but if you feel you need to give back something, I will be very glad to receive any sum. I will talk only to people I feel drawn to, not everyone can benefit from it. My skype is Darya Belokryltseva (white-violet face on the avatar) Listening here.
  2. What's the right word for this seeing/divination? Hi all! recently I found that I can deliberately do one strange thing. when I talk with someone, I am able to hear something more than just words. I can tell the person something new, unknown, sometimes help make a decision or point out the real problem. Part of it might be rational, as I am a language teacher and I'm used to notice (and, if needed, repeat with accurate wording and intonation) the frequency (im a math sence) of certain vocabulary, the intonation and rythm changes and all that. But some of that is something unexplainable... And I want to practice that. but how to find people and invite them if I don't have a word for it? it's not a pure psychotherapy (and I'm not a therapist anyway), it's not a divination. It's like Tarot cards reading, but with no actual cards.. what's your thoughts on that?
  3. Letters on silk - messages still undelivered When I paint it, I am often surprised with a result. like - is it me who did that? Yes, but not only - so it seems. Here are some of my silk scarves. I call them "letters", because they need to be delivered to someone. Does any of it speak to you? I'm ready to sell them by the price of materials+postage. they just need to be delivered Or you can ask me to draw one just for you! What are these messages about? the legend is, only the adressee can read them
  4. Darya_Hem

    thank you very much for your kind words! I'm thinking of making a site but I don't have one yet ( here is my instagram though! https://www.instagram.com/inner_darya/ I felt some feminine energy from your texts, that's so fluent and electric )) and the guy on the avatar is very cool )
  5. Darya_Hem

    Hi! thank you very much for all your emorions ) Yep I just buy silk to draw on it ) it's quite an expensive hobby, but I get by ) An average scarf costs from 60 to 90 dollars (the materials for one piece are 30$ soooo )))) colors look different on different fabrics, now I'm just exploring this topic ))
  6. Darya_Hem

    Opening the doors It's mostly aerography. I made stencils myself, using 3D pen, which is marvellous , but now it's broken ( This silk letter is more of an illustration of my understanding of one song. the song is in Russian, I'll try and translate the lyrics. You can listen to it here
  7. Darya_Hem

    The golden goose - which started as a flower ) A scarf in a mixed technique: batik plus aerography. it's called "Your Royal Highness" Does the name suit it? The Calm Storm A very special work for me. the second scarf I sold in my life. and I sold it to the person I admire and value, the person who never lies. really. So when she put the scarf around her neck I felt like I've been made an Artist officially. It's Calm and Storm.
  8. Universe message for you..on silk or paper ) Hi! I'm Darya and I'm back on this forum after a year of absence ) Just want to share some of my art with you and tell you about it ) My art is batik, it's painting on silk. I don't know why and how, but I had just one lesson, and then.. started doing it ) Now I mix techniques, I use aerography and stencils, but it's still batik, still silk. I love making scarves, and I'd like to make some for you, my dear TealTribers ) I believe that in Universe there is a dimension with swirling hurricane of sealed letters. I go there and grab those letters, those messages - and I see them as forms and colors and lines. If you want, you can PM me and ask me to grab such letter for you! Surprise guaranteed ) anyway, here it is, some messages I already delivered to this world! It's called Electrostorm. I painted white lines first, and it's done using special transparent paint. So I didn't see the lines, and I didn't see the picture until I dyed the fabric. that was pure miracle )) this is called "the flower of the inner peace" It all started very funny - I just needed to wipe the brush on something ) But it turned out to be the message also! I know that the name - Inner Peace - could sound too pretentious, but that's the state I've been in when I made this. the Interstellar Engine at work another unique thing. Usually when I paint, the initial thought transforms , sometimes drastically (once I started to draw sa flower but it turned out to be a magic golden goose )) but this one came to the physical world exactly as I saw it. Exactly. Like if it was a blueprint of an engine, really ) do it as it's shown!
  9. Darya_Hem

    that's not for Teal but inspired by her webinar (batik neckpiece) IMG_20150628_121336 just a picture, also inspired by her voice 2016-04-17 15-44-52.JPG
  10. Have you ever felt that you have noone to talk to when you need t odiscuss and work on spiritual stuff? It happens to me all the tie and it's sad. Sometimes I want to talk about shoes and cakes, sometimes I don't! What do you think? Maybe we can form a group chat in skype or in hangouts to connect when we feel like it? we can practicce channeling, Tarot reading, aura reading and all that ) I can try and read your health and emotions, and also show you my favorite tool "metaphor cards" which are very fun tool of inner work... Maybe you can try and read my aura or we can do shadow work together.