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  1. Tclusener

    New York Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    I was a mess of quiet tears when we did the opening meditation on Saturday but when I did it again just now I had no recollection of what I focused on. This time around was totally different! Different theme, different tears... good stuff!!!
  2. “ of the only games in the world where winning means the other person wins. The game is this: Find whatever within a person is serving as resistance to their best interests and release that resistance.” BRILLANT.
  3. Hi Teal, I enjoy your posts but I really REALLY like this particular blog because I have been suicidal in the past and the subject fascinates me AND because I’d always thought that being famous would be a nightmare. But it occurred to me that fame (my thoughts on the subject only scratch the surface, and you’re saying the list isn’t even comprehensive) hang ups would be good themes to address with a combination of the Completion Process and Byron Katie’s “the Work”. I have been doing both on myself and with others and the combo does such a brilliant job at diffusing the charges (that feel so
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