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  1. Negativity is the vast engine room of creativity, the electron does the legwork in bonding, networking and attraction. You have so deeply stirred the insides of a large percentage of the populace, that the polarities are forcing those accomplished in denial to increase the strength of their protection mechanisms. Many timelines have opened up for you on this journey, which as you know means a tighter focus on positive outcomes is a MUST. The laws of attraction increase in sensitivity when the timelines are expanded. Keep that beautiful mind focused on the greater good as hard as that is, remember, the way isn't through the noise, it's beyond it.. go through your own material to reinforce the emission of beauty beholding, the good place from which all those hours of considerate inner reflection and research came from in aid of communicating the profound meaning of reality to others. You are human, its just you are one of the few who 'knows' not 'believes' that this is not all that you are, the weavers tend to play rough when you know the territory. Love and positivity to the expansion of you. Some will go to lengths to tryn sabotage a cause which is under attack already, regardless of moral stance, but to this I'd say, bull**** travels fast... but the truth has endurance... ?
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    That sounds truly inviting indeed, your heart was meant for this, wish you all the luck in the world ?.
  3. cloud59


    The book arrived today...nervous anticipation of what it may bring....the chance to begin reading still are not alone....ever.?
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